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Michelle Young Case Timeline:

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Map of Jason Young’s Travels November 2-3, 2006:

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Trial #2 Progression
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Prosecutor’s Opening Statement
Defense Attorney’s Opening Statement

State’s Witnesses (in order of appearance)

  1. Meredith Fisher:  Michelle Young’s sister.
  2.  Scott Hughes:  Wake County EMS paramedic
  3. Meredith Fisher
  4. Daniel Morgan:  Hampton Inn clerk
  5. Keith Hicks:  Hampton Inn clerk
  6. Jennifer Marshall:  Hampton Inn General Manager
  7. Meredith Fisher
  8. Deputy Scott Earp:  WCSO First responding officer
  9. Shelly Schaad:  Michelle’s friend; spent evening prior to the murder with Michelle
  10. Elmer Goad:  Hampton Inn maintenance man
  11. Gracie Calhoun: Four Brothers convenience store clerk
  12. Lt. Scott Ikerd: WCSO
  13. Dr. Thomas Clark:  Medical Examiner
  14. Paul Matthews:  Michelle Young’s supervisor at Progress Energy
  15. Valerie Bolick:  Michelle Young’s friend and coworker
  16. Terry Tiller:  New York Times delivery person
  17. Det. Brent David:  WCSO; former lead investigator on the case
  18. Sgt. Cameron Lilyquist:  WCSO
  19. Karen Battle:  WCSO
  20. Linda Fisher:  Michelle Young’s mother
  21. Jennifer Powers:  Michelle Young’s close friend from New York
  22. Kimball Jane Sargent:  Michelle Young’s therapist



Trial Progression
[Links are to WRAL’s archive of trial video]

Prosecution’s Opening Statement
Defense Attorney’s Opening Statement

State’s Witnesses (in order of appearance)

  1. Meredith Fisher (direct examination):
  2. Dr. Thomas Clark
  3. Meredith Fisher (cross-examination and redirect)
  4. Scott Earp:  former Wake County patrol deputy
  5. Ryan Hughes:  former Wake County paramedic
  6. Shelly Schaad:  Michelle’s sorority sister; spent evening of 11/2 with Michelle at Young home.
  7. Daniel Morgan: Hampton Inn  desk clerk at time Jason Young checked in.
  8.  Keith Hicks:  Hampton Inn desk clerk who discovered camera tampering and rock in emergency exit door.
  9. Elmer Goad:   Hampton Inn maintenance man who plugged back in and readjusted camera after tampering was discovered.
  10. Jennifer Marshall:  General manager at Hampton Inn.
  11. Gracie Dahms:  Clerk from Four Brothers convenience store in King, NC; sold $15 worth of fuel to Jason Young at 5:27 am on November 3, 2006.
  12. Lt. Scott Ikerd:  WCSO investigator.
  13. Keith Patterson:  AT&T analyst.
  14. Mike Galloway:  CCBI Agent; lead crime scene investigator for the Young case.
  15. Tiki Ingram
  16. Detective Brent David
  17. Detective Al Sternberg
  18. Michelle Money
  19. Jennifer Remy
  20. Nancy Gregory
  21. Russell Holley
  22. David Freeman
  23. Michelle Hannon
  24. Shawn Weiss
  25. Andy Parker
  26. Jennifer Sproles
  27. Paul Matthews
  28. Michael Smith
  29. Karen Morrow
  30. Agent Greg Tart
  31. Thomas Riha
  32. Carroll Anne Sowerby
  33. Genevieve Cargol
  34. Linda Fisher
  35. Elizabeth Whitney
  36. Michael Smith
  37. Jason Fitzgerald
  38. Michael Schawski
  39. Detective R. C. Spivey

Defense Witnesses (in order of appearance)

  1. Pat Young
  2. Gerald McIntyre
  3. Heather Young McCracken
  4. Joe McCracken
  5. Brian Ambrose
  6. Josh Dalton
  7. Demetrius Barrett
  8. Terry Tiller
  9. Cindy Beaver
  10. Jason Young

State’s Rebuttal Witness

  1. Travis Branch

Charge Conference

Closing Arguments



Who’s Who

  1. Michelle Young:  Victim
  2. Jason Young:  Defendant
  3. Cassidy Young:  Daughter of Michelle and Jason Young; 2 1/2 years old at the time of the murder; found by Meredith Fisher in the master bedroom of the Youngs’ home near her mother’s body.
  4. Rylan Young:  Unborn son of Michelle and Jason Young; 20 weeks gestation at the time of the murder; died with his mother.
  5. Meredith Fisher:  Sister of Michelle Young; discovered her sister’s body after being sent to the home by Jason Young to retrieve a printout.
  6. Linda Fisher:  Michelle Young’s mother; resided in Sayville, New York at the time of the murder.
  7. Alan Fisher:  Michelle Young’s father; cancelled plans to visit the Youngs’ home during the week of the murder due to health issues; died in August 2008.
  8. June Fisher:  Alan Fisher’s second wife.
  9. Ryan Schaad:  Friend of Jason and Michelle Young; husband to Shelly Schaad.
  10. Shelly Schaad:  Michelle Young’s friend and sorority sister; spent evening of November 2 with Michelle in the Youngs’ home.
  11. Michelle Money:  Michelle Young’s sorority sister; was having an affair with Jason Young at the time of the murder.
  12. Steve Money:  Michelle Money’s husband.
  13. Carroll Anne Sowerby:  Friend of Jason Young since his days as a Camp Illahee counselor; houseguest of the Youngs October 21-26.  According to a reliable source, Jason swallowed, or pretended to swallow, Mrs. Sowerby’s wedding ring set and returned it to her the following day.
  14. Liza Wellman:  Sister to Carroll Anne Sowerby; involved in a relationship with Jason Young in 2008.
  15. Heather Young McCracken:  Jason Young’s younger sister; rode with Jason, Pat Young, and Joe McCracken from Brevard to Raleigh after the murder was discovered.
  16. Kim Young:  Jason Young’s older sister; posted on crime forums in defense of her brother.
  17. John Goins:  Young family friend; posted on crime forums in defense of Jason Young.
  18. Pat Young:  Jason Young’s mother; accompanied Jason Young, and Heather and Joe McCracken on the drive from Brevard to Raleigh.
  19. Gerald McIntyre:  Pat Young’s husband; met Jason in the yard of his mother’s home and informed him of Michelle’s death; quoted as saying that Jason fell to his knees upon hearing the news.
  20. Richard C. Spivey:  Lead investigator; Wake County Sheriff’s Office.
  21. Rebecca Holt:  Lead prosecutor; Wake County Assistant District Attorney.
  22. Colon Willoughby:  Wake County District Attorney
  23. Howard Cummings:  Wake County First Assistant District Attorney.
  24. Mike Klinkosum:  Jason Young’s attorney
  25. Bryan Collins:  Wake County Public Defender; Jason Young’s attorney
  26. Judge Donald Stephens:  Judge for the trial of Jason Young.
  27. Donnie Harrison:  Wake County Sheriff
  28. Gracie Bailey:  Store clerk at Four Brothers convenience store in King, NC; told investigators that Jason Young made a cash purchase of gasoline at her store at 5:27 am on November 3, 2006.
  29. _________:  New York Times delivery person who reported seeing a vehicle similar to Jason Young’s white Ford Explorer in the driveway of the Youngs’ home in the early morning hours of November 3, 2006.
  30. Elmer Goad:  Maintenance person at Hillsville Hampton Inn.
  31. Kimball Jane Sargent:  Michelle Young’s therapist.

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Floorplan of the Youngs’ Home

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