Nancy Cooper Murder Trial

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Cooper Trial Witness List (in order of testimony)

  1. William Boyer: discovered Nancy Cooper’s body. (Day 1, Part 1)
  2. Jan Boyer: wife of William Boyer; familiar with area where Nancy’s body was discovered. (Day 1, Part 1)
  3. Sam Griggs: Fire Department volunteer; responded to call re body found. (Day 1, Part 2)
  4. Deputy Karen Harper: WCSO deputy; responded to call re body found. (Day 1, Part 3)
  5. Diana Duncan: friend and neighbor of Nancy Cooper; lived across the street; hosted party the night of July 11. Had planned to help Nancy move back to Canada. (Day 1, Part 4 thru Day 2, Part 4)
  6. Ross Tabachow: friend of Nancy Cooper; spoke at length with Nancy at the Duncan’s party on July 11. (Day 3, Part 1)
  7. Damia Tabachow: friend of Nancy Cooper; wife of Ross Tabachow. Visited with Nancy at Duncan’s party. (Day 3, Part 2)
  8. Craig Duncan: friend of Nancy Cooper; ex-husband of Diana Duncan. Hosted party that Cooper’s attended on July 11. (Day 3, Parts 3 and 4)
  9. Donna Lopez: met Nancy Cooper at Duncan’s party on July 11. (Day 3, Part 5)
  10. Jessica Adam: friend of Nancy Cooper. Made 911 call to report Nancy missing. Nancy was supposed to paint at her house on July 12. (Day 3, Part 6 thru Day 4, Part 4)
  11. Carey Clark: Nancy’s jogging partner. Had no plans to run with Nancy on July 12. (Day 4, Part 5)
  12. Daniel Hayes: Carey patrol officer. First responding officer to Adam’s 911 call at Cooper home. (Day 4, Part 6)
  13. Jeremy Burgin: Carey Police Department K-9 Officer. Attempted to track Nancy Cooper from Cooper home. (Day 5)
  14. Detective Adam Dismukes: Cary Police detective. Testimony not taped because of Dismukes’ undercover status. (Days 5-7, not recorded)
  15. Dr. John Butts: Retired Chief Medical Examiner. Conducted autopsy on Nancy Cooper’s remains. (Day 7)
  16. Officer Heather Fox: Cary Police Department. (Day 8, Part 1)
  17. Detective Lynn Brawn: Cary Police Department. (Day 8, Part 2)
  18. Sergeant Brian Smith: Cary Police Department. (Day 8, Part 3)
  19. Deputy Jonathan Moore: Wake County Sheriff’s Department. (Day 8, Part 4)
  20. Agent Christopher Hill: CCBI. (Day 8, Parts 5-7)
  21. Donna Rentz: Nancy Cooper’s mother. (Day 8, Part 8)
  22. Kenric Alexander: Cary police officer. (Day 9, Part 1)
  23. Detective Mark Van Houten: Cary Police Department. (Day 9, Part 1)
  24. Thomas Como: City-County Bureau of Identification. (Day 9, Parts 2-4)
  25. James Grier: Cary police investigator. (Day 9, Part 5)
  26. Michael Galloway: CCBI supervisor. (Day 9, Part 6)
  27. Ivy McMillan: North Carolina SBI forensic scientist. (Day 10, Parts 1 & 2)
  28. Johnathan Macy: North Carolina SBI analyst. (Day 10, Part 3)
  29. Lindsey Admire: North Carolina SBI analyst. (Day 10, Part 4)
  30. Michelle Hannon: North Carolina SBI analyst. (Day 10, Part 5)
  31. Detective Thomas Stewart: Cary police. (Day 10, Part 6)
  32. Detective Jason Ice: Cary police. Testified to the seizure, transport, and secure storage of the Coopers’ computers. (Day 10, Part 7-8 & Day 11, Part 1)
  33. Detective Todd Thomas:  Cary Police Department.  (Day 11, Parts 2-3)
  34. Detective Jim Young:  Cary Police Department.  (Day 11, Parts 4-6 & Day 12, Part 3; Day 13, Parts 1-6; Day 14, Parts 1-7; Day 15, Parts 1-7; Day 16, Part 1)
  35. Keith Patterson:  AT&T Analyst.  (Day 12, Parts 1-2)
  36. Hannah Prichard:  Friend of Nancy Cooper.  (Day 16, Parts 2-4)
  37. Sharon Baughman:  Neighbor of Brad and Nancy Cooper.  (Day 16, Part 5)
  38. Jennifer Fetterolf:  Friend of Nancy Cooper.  (Day 16, Part 6)
  39. David Fetterolf:  Husband to Jennifer Fetterolf; friend of Nancy Cooper.  (Day 16, Part 7; Day 17, Part 1)
  40. Susan Crook:  Friend of Nancy Cooper and Relationship Counselor.  (Day 17, Part 2)
  41. Gary Beard:  The Coopers’ exterminator; treated Cooper home on 7/8/08; testified as to condition of garage — no room for a vehicle; had been told by Nancy about Brad’s affair with Heather Metour.  (Day 17, Part 3)
  42. Thomas Garrett:  Real Estate Broker; sold home at 104 Wallsburg Court to Coopers and had an appointment with Nancy Cooper to find her a new place to live.  (Day 17, Part 4)
  43. David Hazelzet:  Cary Police Department.  (Day 17, Part 5; Day 18 Part 1)
  44. Heather Hanna:  Geochemist with NCGS.  Analyzed mica from Brad’s shoes (men’s Nike Shox, white/blue/silver with yellow Swoosh. Mica grains from shoes were consistent with that found at Lochmere Lake area. Also examined a rug; no mica present in the rug. Trace amounts of white mica masses were also found in the shoes. However, Ms. Hanna was unable to analyze the chemical composition of the white mica masses. Abundant amounts of white mica masses are found in the area where Nancy Cooper’s body was discovered, but not at Wallsburg Court and not at Lake Lochmere.(Day 18, Part 2)
  45. Dr. Wes Watson:  Entomologist with NC Program for Forensic Sciences.  (Day 18, Part 3 & 4)
  46. Krista Lister:  Nancy Cooper’s identical twin sister.  (Day 18, Part 5; Day 19, Part 1)
  47. Theresa Hackeling:  Friend and jogging partner of Nancy Cooper.  (Day 19, Part 2)
  48. Jeremy McGwin:  Neighbor of the Cooper’s who went jogging on the morning of July 12, 2008.  (Day 19, Part 3)
  49. Jenipher Free:  (Day 19, Part 4)
  50. Shirley Hull:  (Day 19, Part 5)
  51. Sherri Abraham:  (Day 19, Part 6)
  52. Jason Rains:  (Day 19, Part 6)
  53. Christopher Fry:  Security investigator for Cisco Systems Inc.  (Day 19, Parts 7 & 8)
  54. Joseph D’Antoni:  Colleague of Brad Cooper who went to France on the same study trip.  (Day 20, Part 1)
  55. Alice Stubbs:  Nancy Cooper’s family law attorney.  (Day 20, Part 2 & 3)
  56. Paul Giralt:  Engineer with Cisco Systems.  (Day 20, Parts 4-6)
  57. Greg Miglucci:  (Day 21, Part 1)
  58. Eric Gerhardt:  (Day 21, Part 1)
  59. Garry Rentz:  Nancy Cooper’s father.  (Day 21, Parts 2-4; Day 23, Part 2)
  60. Brad Cooper via Deposition:  (Day 21, Parts 5 & 6; Day 22, Parts 1-3; Day 23, Part 1)
  61. Charles Wilmore:  FBI forensic electronics consultant.  (Day 23, Part 3)
  62. Josh Bonin:  Cary Police detective.  (Day 23, testimony not recorded)
  63. Gregory Johnson:  FBI Special Agent; part of Computer Analysis Response Team.  (Day 23-24, testimony not recorded)
  64. Chris Chappell:  Durham police detective assigned to FBI Cyber Task Force.  (Days 24-26, testimony not recorded)
  65. George Daniels:  Lead detective on Cooper case; Cary Police Department.  (Day 26, Part 1-Day 28, Part 3)

Defense Witnesses:

  1. Jay Ward:  Computer network security consultant.  (Day 29, Parts 1-3; Day 30, Parts 1-5)
  2. Patricia Hallisey:  Babysitter for the Cooper children.  (Day 30, Part 6)
  3. Kathryn Dorr:  Triangle Academy preschool teacher for 2-year-olds; Bella’s teacher for school year 2006-2007; Katie’s teacher during summer camp 2008.  (Day 30, Part 6)
  4. Tracey Vancott:  Triangle Academy preschool teacher for 3-year-olds; Bella’s teacher for school year 2007-2008.  (Day 30, Part 6)
  5. Christopher Wall:  Friend of the Coopers; met while playing volleyball at Cisco.  (Day 30, Part 6)
  6. Paul Dittner:  (Day 31, Part 1)
  7. Carrie Dittner:  (Day 31, Part 2)
  8. Christina Wells:  (Day 31, Part 3)
  9. Dale Kuerbitz:  (Day 31, Part 4)
  10. Michelle Kuerbitz:  (Day 31, Part 4)
  11. Sylvia Hink:  (Day 31, Part 4)
  12. Wayne Cutler:  (Day 31, Part 5)
  13. Rosemary Zednick:  (Day 31, Part 6)
  14. Curtis Hodges:  (Day 31, Part 7)
  15. Ben Levitan:  Cell phone forensic expert.  (Day 32, Parts 1-5)
  16. Scott Heider:  Friend of the Coopers; ex-husband of Heather MeTour.  (Day 32, Part 6; Day 33, Part 1)
  17. John Pearson:  Former friend of Coopers; had a drunken sexual encounter with Nancy Cooper in 2005.  (Day 33, Parts 2-6)
  18. Ricardo Lopez:  (Day 33 Part 7; Day 34, Part 1)
  19. Laura Hiller:  (Day 34, Part 2)
  20. Mike Hiller:  (Day 34, Parts 3 & 4)
  21. Carol Cooper:  Brad Cooper’s mother.  (Day 34, Part 5)
  22. Richard McGough:  Private investigator.  (Day 35, Parts 1-4)
  23. Giovanni Masucci:  Computer forensics expert; not allowed to testify; questioned outside of the jury’s presence for the purpose of appeal.


WRAL Tweets re:  Untaped Testimony

March 16-18 (Days 5-7):

Judge has asked WRAL to turn off camera while an undercover agent testifies in the Brad #CooperTrial. Will post updates as soon as we can. Wednesday, March 16, 2011 9:13:40 AM via web

alamb Cary Officer says Brad Cooper didn’t seem to want to speak to him the day his wife was reported missing. #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 9:21:46 AM via txt Retweeted by wral

Reporter Amanda Lamb, @alamb, is in the courtroom and just sent notes about undercover officer’s testimony. Will tweet it. #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 9:28:39 AM via web

Undercover officer: “I noticed that Mr. Cooper had a band-aid on the middle finger of his left hand.” #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 9:30:49 AM via web

RT @alamb: Cary officer says TV in Cooper home on golf when they arrived. He “thought it was odd given the nature of the call.” #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 9:32:55 AM via web

Undercover officer: Asked Brad to drive around with me. Brad did not take me up on the offer. #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 9:44:18 AM via web

Undercover officer: Brad asked us again what we’re doing to locate Nancy. He also asked if any police canines were in the area. #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 9:47:07 AM via web

alamb Nancy Cooper’s gym card WAS swiped at Lifetime Fitness at 2:45 on 7/12/08 according to what Brad told police. #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 9:33:07 AM via txt Retweeted by wral

alamb Cary police say Nancy’s card was NOT swiped at gym-when Brad went looking for her there, the employee put her name in computer. #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 9:35:48 AM via txt Retweeted by wral
alamb Cary police noticed red markings on the back of Brad Cooper’s neck. #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 9:49:38 AM via txt Retweeted by wral

alamb Brad Cooper told police he and his wife had not talked about divorce in 2 months prior to her being missing. #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 9:56:20 AM via txt Retweeted by wral

Undercover officer: I introduced Brad to another detective & “Mr. Cooper seemed a little bit annoyed.” #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 10:14:31 AM via web

Undercover officer: We asked to take pictures inside the Cooper house & Brad wanted to know why. He finally agreed. #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 10:17:11 AM via web

Undercover officer: “It struck me as bizarre” when Brad said he thought I’d have a more high-powered camera. #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 10:22:56 AM via web

alamb When police told Brad Cooper they found a body he held his head and groaned, did not cry. #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 10:51:44 AM via txt Retweeted by wral

alamb “The groaning seemed a little strange and forced” Said Cary police when they told Brad a body was found. #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 10:54:29 AM via txt Retweeted by wral

Undercover officer: When body found, Brad said “It can’t be her, it just can’t be.” Officer says: “He did not seem sincere.” #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 11:01:14 AM via web

Undercover officer: Brad clutched his hair & said Nancy would never run down Holly Springs Road. He asked about sidewalks. #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 11:04:40 AM via web

Undercover officer: After Nancy’s body identified, Brad asked “How do you know it’s her?” They told him dental records. #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 11:36:57 AM via web

Undercover officer: Asked Brad to sign consent form to search his house. He said he didn’t agree w/ the form & wanted a lawyer. #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 11:40:18 AM via web

Undercover officer: Brad commented that we already think he’s a suspect. #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 11:41:43 AM via web

alamb Brad Cooper went to see Heather Metour when police searched his home. Police say they hugged. #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 11:48:00 AM via txt Retweeted by wral

Undercover officer: Brad asked if we had a legal right to be inside his house. Told him it was being treated as crime scene. #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 11:52:53 AM via web

Undercover officer: Friend Scott Heider picked up Brad. Scott married to Heather Metour, who witnesses say Brad had affair with #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 11:56:45 AM via web

Undercover officer: Scott Heider & Brad went to Heather Metour’s house. Heather gave Brad a hug. #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 11:58:01 AM via web

alamb Cary detective show photos of Cooper home from 7/12/08. Says things were changed, moved around compared to previous day. #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 2:21:17 PM via txt Retweeted by wral

Receipts: Brad at Harris Teeter at 6:25am, July 12, buying milk. Went back at 6:44am, got Green Machine (juice smoothie) & Tide #coopertrial Wednesday, March 16, 2011 2:59:53 PM via web

Jury in Brad #CooperTrial has been dismissed for the day. The undercover officer will be back on the stand Thursday at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 16, 2011 3:38:59 PM via web

The Brad #CooperTrial resumes at 9:30 a.m. WRAL is not allowed to show the undercover officer’s testimony, but we will tweet what he says. Thursday, March 17, 2011 8:33:08 AM via web

alamb Detective says he believes things missing from Cooper front hall indicate a struggle took place there. #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 9:17:06 AM via txt Retweeted by wral

alamb Cary detective testifies he believes Brad Cooper murder his wife after the party and dumped her body on Fielding Drive. #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 9:30:55 AM via txt Retweeted by wral

Defense shows undercover officer pics of Cooper home & asks: “What in this photo shows a homicide was committed in this house?” #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 9:34:56 AM via web

Undercover officer: “Things don’t need to be destroyed for someone to be murdered,” describing why some items were not broken. #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 9:37:26 AM via web

Undercover officer: “The cleaning supplies being out (on the master bathroom sink) could have been used to clean up something.” #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 9:40:29 AM via web

Undercover officer: “I believe Nancy Cooper came home in the early morning hours of July 12 and Mr. Cooper murdered her.” #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 9:44:00 AM via web

Undercover officer says he believes Brad cleaned the garage so he could pull a car in there to dispose of Nancy’s body. #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 10:03:48 AM via web

alamb Cary detective said cleaning supplies in Cooper home could have been used to clean up “body fluids or blood.” #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 10:34:50 AM via txt Retweeted by wral

alamb Cary detective testifies that Brad Cooper may have removed his license plate. #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 10:37:01 AM via txt Retweeted by wral

alamb Cary detective says any number of things could have been used to suffocate Nancy Cooper-pillow, sheet, clothing. #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 10:50:07 AM via txt Retweeted by wral

Undercover officer on what was used to kill Nancy: “Could’ve been a pillow.” “Could’ve been sheets.” “Could’ve been clothing.” #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 11:04:56 AM via web

Defense shows undercover officer pics of rooms & asks what happened in each room. Officer: “I have no idea. I wasn’t there.” #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 11:07:44 AM via web

Undercover officer: Detective Daniels was the lead on the case. I only knew what I was assigned to cover or follow. #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 11:09:24 AM via web

Defense grills undercover officer about how Nancy’s body was transported. Officer says in a car, but he doesn’t know for sure. #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 11:12:04 AM via web

Undercover officer says bolt missing on Brad’s license plate. Screw gun could’ve removed it. Screw gun seen in pantry/mud room. #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 11:15:32 AM via web

In reference to cleaning supplies in Cooper house, defense asks: “Isn’t is possible Mr. Cooper just likes to clean things?” #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 11:53:57 AM via web

Undercover officer thinks Brad used his BMW sedan to dump Nancy’s body. Defense: Why? Officer: Because trunk clean, empty. #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 11:57:35 AM via web

Undercover officer: It’s possible Brad removed his license plate so his vehicle wouldn’t be identified. #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 12:00:19 PM via web

Defense asks undercover officer: “Have you developed any social relationships with anyone in this case?” #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 12:01:29 PM via web

Defense says witness Hannah Prichard calls officer by 1st name. Officer: That’s how I ask everyone to address me. #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 12:03:07 PM via web

Defense: Weren’t you in contact with Jessica Adam & Hannah Prichard everyday early on? Undercover officer: Yes. #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 12:05:01 PM via web

Defense to officer: You told witness Keith Prichard that “consistency was good” when it came to stories about the Coopers. #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 12:07:34 PM via web

Defense says witnesses made sure their stories matched up. Undercover officer says that’s not the way he intended it. #coopertrial Thursday, March 17, 2011 12:09:51 PM via web

Defense shows Harris Teeter video & asks undercover officer if Brad appears inappropriate or fidgety. Officer says no. #coopertrial about 24 hours ago via web

Undercover officer: “During interviews, I was told Nancy embellished at times.” #coopertrial about 24 hours ago via web

Undercover officer followed up with 16 people who said they might’ve seen Nancy jogging. No one could say for sure it was her. #coopertrial about 24 hours ago via web

Defense: “Do you believe you did your best to leave no stone unturned?” Undercover officer: Yes, I do.” #coopertrial about 24 hours ago via web

Defense: Cooper daughter, Bella, told adult she saw her mom that morning wearing black shorts, white shirt. Officer confirms. #coopertrial about 24 hours ago via web

Officer: “Due to the stress & trauma it could cause a 4 1/2-year-old child, I did not interview her about her missing mother.” #coopertrial about 24 hours ago via web

Undercover officer: I went with the info Brad gave us. He said Nancy left at 7 a.m. & Bella was still sleeping. #coopertrial about 24 hours ago via web

Jury out of the room during testimony about what Bella said. Judge rules that he will not allow that testimony at this point. #coopertrial about 23 hours ago via web

Brad #CooperTrial resumes w/ undercover officer back on stand. WRAL can’t record testimony. Reporter @tlynnnews sending notes. We’ll tweet. about 6 hours ago via web

Defense asks undercover officer if John Pearson changed his stories. Prosecutor objects, hearsay. Jury sent out. Judge mad. #coopertrial about 5 hours ago via web

Judge: We’ve wasted a phenomenal amt of time chasing these rabbits. I’m watching the jury get tired of it & this needs to stop! #coopertrial about 5 hours ago via web

TLynnNews State now redirecting in #coopertrial. Undercover officer still on the stand about 5 hours ago via web Retweeted by wral

Undercover officer: Brad Cooper could have used an arm to choke Nancy. #coopertrial about 4 hours ago via web

Defense: Police started following Brad on July 12? Undercover officer: Yes, but not in a secretive manner. #coopertrial about 4 hours ago via web

April 11, 2011 (Day 23):

Detective Josh Bonin:

Cary police detective Josh Bonin is now testifying. Can’t show his face. We’re awaiting notes from courtroom & will tweet. #coopertrial

Det. Bonin: Worked for Cary police in 2008 when case occurred. Had custody of computers from Cooper home & took them to FBI. #coopertrial

FBI Special Agent Gregory Johnson:

FBI special agent Gregory Johnson is now on the stand. He’s part of the Computer Analysis Response Team. #coopertrial

Nov. 07 email from Nancy to Brad: “I really didn’t see myself in this situation. Always thought I’d be w/ someone like my dad.” #coopertrial

Nancy’s email to Brad, continued: “You compare me to others and tell me that I suck … you’re being unfair and ignorant.” #coopertrial

Nancy’s email to Brad: Being a stay-at-home mom is hard. All you do is work & mow grass. Unreasonable I do everything else. #coopertrial

Nancy email: I’ve done 3 loads of laundry, made snacks for girls, talked to doctor & now I have 6 more loads of laundry to do. #coopertrial

Email from Heather Metour to Brad Cooper: Brad, my dear, I can’t receive my faxes. Can you help? #coopertrial

Heather Metour gives Brad a new password to help with her fax problem: “dance naked.” She signs email, “thanks sweets.” #coopertrial

Heather email to Brad: I haven’t spoken w/ Nancy or Scott (her husband) about us all going on a trip. Give me heads up if u do. #coopertrial

Heather instant messages Brad: You are going to be great (in an upcoming race). I’ll keep an eye on you. I believe in you. #coopertrial

Lots of March 2007 emails between Brad Cooper and Celine Busson, whom he met in France while studying for MBA with NC State. #coopertrial

Sorry, the Heather Metour emails to Brad are from September 2004. #coopertrial RT @foxone1: @wral when are these emails from?

March 2007 email from Brad to Celine, who lives in France. Brad researching internships for her, one in UK, maybe one in RTP. #coopertrial

Celine email to Brad: At the beginning, it was hard for me, but now it seems to be clear. I enjoy having new Canadian friend. #coopertrial

Celine emails Brad, says she felt better after talking to him on the phone. #coopertrial

Celine email to Brad: I am considering an internship in the US. May I ask you what Cisco requires. (Brad was working at Cisco) #coopertrial

Brad emails Celine, says he is learning French & that “it brought back vivid memories of my personal French tutor.” #coopertrial

Brad emails Celine: I never expected the trip to change me so much. During class last night, I researched relocating to France. #coopertrial

Brad emails Celine, says he now has a number in France that can reach his cell. Will be easier, cheaper for them to talk. #coopertrial

Celine emails Brad: “I miss you.” #coopertrial

Celine heard Brad’s call & got his message, but did not call back because “I did not want to disturb your time w/ your family.” #coopertrial

Brad emails Celine: “I have been looking at opportunities in France.” #coopertrial

Brad has fond memory of rock climbing w/ Celine. He worries about her fall. “I want you to stay alive since I just met you :)” #coopertrial

Brad emails Celine, says he did a long bike ride and is “more confused as ever.” #coopertrial

Celine emails Brad on March 23, 2007, and says she found a Cisco job in Paris. #coopertrial

Interesting side note: Lots of people, who don’t appear to be connected to the case, are in the courtroom today watching the #CooperTrial.

Court typically ends at 5pm. By the way, court will be 1/2 day on Wed., 1-5pm RT @foxone1: can you let us know when court is over for day?

FBI special agent Gregory Johnson: Brad had a program that forwarded Nancy’s e-mails to his computer without her knowing it. #coopertrial

FBI agent: We did analysis to see how an email from Brett Wilson (Nancy’s ex) got on Brad’s computer. Wasn’t forwarded or CCed. #coopertrial

Brett Wilson emails Nancy: Are you safe? Nancy: Yes, I am, thanks. He is just really mad right now. He will get over it. #coopertrial

Brett Wilson emails Nancy: “Then be careful.” #coopertrial

April 2008, Brett & Nancy email eachother. FBI agent: Brad was reading all of these emails, including ones from Nancy’s attny. #coopertrial

Nancy emails Brett: Things are not as well here. Brad & I are divorcing. Girls & I are moving to Toronto. #coopertrial

Nancy emails Brett: I’m scared about the future, but also excited. I think of you often feeling really bad about everything. #coopertrial

Brett emails Nancy: I would love to have taken you to dinner in Toronto. FBI agent: Brad also intercepted this email. #coopertrial

Nancy emails Brad: “The fact that I have to ask you to gas my car, buy food and buy paint is very degrading.” #coopertrial

FBI agent: Brad also intercepted emails from Nancy’s friend Diana Duncan, her lawyer Alice Stubbs, real estate agent, etc. #coopertrial

FBI agent: Brad e-mailed Nancy on July 14, 2008, two days after she went missing. (Text of email not disclosed in court). #coopertrial

FBI agent: Brad still receiving Nancy’s emails after she went missing, including 1 Diana Duncan wrote about website for Nancy. #coopertrial

The Brad #CooperTrial wraps up for the day. Testimony continues at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday.

April 12, 2011  (Day 24)

FBI special agent Gregory Johnson back on the stand for #CooperTrial. We’re not allowed to livestream his testimony, but will tweet updates.

Four witnesses can’t be shown: 2 Cary police (already testified) & 2 FBI agents (one on the stand now, one to follow). #coopertrial

FBI agent: Something was accessed on Brad Cooper’s Cisco laptop at 1 a.m. on July 12 (day Nancy went missing). #coopertrial

FBI agent: 5 items accessed 11:43pm July 11 – 6:53am July 12. Not sure if Brad did something or update pushed from elsewhere. #coopertrial

FBI agent: We found documents on Brad’s laptop, including a spreadsheet of assets for divorce. #coopertrial

FBI agent: Brad looked @ Wachovia account, which hadn’t been accessed online since 2006. Brad’s acct: $300+. Nancy’s: 90 cents. #coopertrial

Jury sent out. Prosecution wants to show doc Brad printed off website that talks about suicide. Defense objects, prejudicial. #coopertrial

Defense attorney Howard Kurtz objects & says: “Suicide has no relevance in a homicide case.” #coopertrial

Defense attorney Howard Kurtz: “This is simply a way of making Brad appear in the most negative light possible.” #coopertrial

Prosecutor Boz Zellinger: Brad went to website on Feb. 21, 2008, made it a favorite. Site talks about suicide by asphyxiation. #coopertrial

Prosecutor Boz Zellinger: “Extremely relevant” that Brad’s researching asphyxiation & that he lied about not being suicidal. #coopertrial

Defense attorney Howard Kurtz: Brad admitted to visiting site about father who loses custody of children committing suicide. #coopertrial

Prosecutor Boz Zellinger: This website was not about a father losing custody of his children, that’s “inconsistent.” #coopertrial

Judge Paul Gessner sustains the defense’s objection and suppresses the document. #coopertrial

Defense attorney Howard Kurtz tries to suppress e-mails from another one of Brad’s computers. Prosecution wants to show them. #coopertrial

Defense attorney Kurtz: Many e-mails on Brad’s computer have no relevance & need “individual scrutiny” before shown to jury. #coopertrial

Judge: “We need to bring the jury back in and keep things moving.” He does not rule on defense’s motion to suppress emails. #coopertrial

FBI agent: Logs show Brad was on his computer 4 times between 10pm & midnight on July 11. (He told police he was sleeping.) #coopertrial

FBI agent: Brad was online more than half a dozen times morning of July 12 beginning at 6:52am, the morning Nancy went missing. #coopertrial

The FBI agent has not said what Brad was doing online. The defense will cross examine him after the court’s morning break. #coopertrial

Jury out. Defense says he isn’t prepared to cross-examine FBI agent. He hasn’t been given adequate info about FBI methods. #coopertrial

Prosecutor says he has given the defense everything. Ongoing dispute. Defense then questions FBI agent without jury present. #coopertrial

Yes. There will be one more FBI agent & he also can’t be recorded. RT @nesthimer: @wral Is this still 1st FBI agent? #coopertrial

Judge Gessner rules that the defense’s cross-examination of FBI agent Gregory Johnson will go forward. Jury brought back in. #coopertrial

Defense attorney Howard Kurtz: “We have alleged the computers have been tampered with.” #coopertrial

Defense: Were there significant files that showed invalid time stamps? FBI agent: Some were invalid from the July 9 era on. #coopertrial

Defense: Were there wildly erratic time stamps? FBI agent: Not that I noticed. Defense: From year 2300? FBI: Not that I recall. #coopertrial

Court breaks for lunch. Will return at 2:15 p.m. #coopertrial

Can order transcripts from court after trial over. 60-90 day turnaround. RT @Fromageball: any way to get testimony transcripts? #coopertrial

No, court reporter documents everything. RT @qsopht: I guess non-recorded testimony will still be redacted in a transcript? #coopertrial

Defense attorney Howard Kurtz: 690 files on Brad’s Cisco laptop “modified” after police seizure, some due to automatic updates. #coopertrial

FBI agent Gregory Johnson agrees with defense & says he doesn’t know why or how all 690 files on Brad’s computer were modified. #coopertrial

FBI agent says he wasn’t aware of the tampering allegation & did no special investigation into that issue. He wasn’t asked to. #coopertrial

Nancy Cooper’s brother, Jeff Rentz, just flew in from Canada and has joined family in the courtroom again. #coopertrial

Defense: You can’t tell if Brad read the emails from Nancy’s inbox. FBI agent: Correct. I didn’t see him read the emails. #coopertrial

Defense: The state says Brad used computer to generate a call from his house. You found no such evidence. FBI agent: I did not. #coopertrial

FBI agent: Changes to Brad’s computer between time it was seized & when battery removed were all a result of normal operation. #coopertrial

Prosecutor: Do you believe files on Brad’s computer were tampered with? FBI agent: It is my opinion they were not. #coopertrial

Durham police detective Chris Chappell (who was also assigned to FBI cyber taskforce) is now on stand. Again, no livestream. #coopertrial

Detective Chris Chappell is the 63rd witness to take the stand for the prosecution. #coopertrial

Det. Chappell examined a Mac laptop belonging to the Coopers. Found on desk near kitchen. Brad & Nancy each had accounts. #coopertrial

Det. Chappell: On July 12, Brad used Nancy’s login & searched for Mike Hiller’s phone number and #coopertrial

Det. Chappell: July 13, Brad looked at jobs in Edmonton, NC Wanted, ABC11, Webkinz, Dragon Tales & Googled “Nancy Cooper NC.” #coopertrial

Brad’s friend, supposed to play tennis together that morning, July 12. RT @ModineCGunch: @wral – who is Mike Hiller? #coopertrial

Det. Chappell: July 14, Brad looked at Websleuths page about Nancy, N&O, ABC11. Continues to look at news websites & a blog. #coopertrial

Det. Chappell: On July 15, Brad looked at blogs relating to Nancy and looked up Triangle preschool. #coopertrial

Det. Chappell: Looked at Brad’s Cisco computer. July 12 am, searched Life & Science museum, cary theaters, natural history … #coopertrial

Det. Chappell: July 12 am continued: Brad searched powerwash house psi recommended, cost of pressure washing house … #coopertrial

Det. Chappell: At 8:42am July 12, Brad Googled “Virginia rock n roll half hotels.” July 14: Searched “Book air” #coopertrial

#CooperTrial wraps up for the day. Tomorrow is a 1/2 day. Court will be in session from 1-5pm.

April 13, 2011 (Day 25)

#CooperTrial from 1-5pm today. Det. Chappell back on the stand. Can’t record his testimony. Awaiting notes from court, will tweet updates.

Jury out. Defense attorney Howard Kurtz asks judge to strike all FBI testimony due to the testing methods used to extract info. #coopertrial

Defense attorney Kurtz says FBI did tests he knew nothing about. He again alleges that Brad’s computer was tampered with. #coopertrial

Prosecutor Boz Zellinger says Brad’s computer was not tampered with. #coopertrial

Judge asks audience to stop staring at the jury. Jurors are uncomfortable by the way some audience members are looking at them. #coopertrial

Judge: Jurors want to remain anonymous. They don’t feel comfortable with way some people in the audience are staring at them. #coopertrial

Det. Chappell: At 1:15pm on July 11, Brad accessed photos of Fielding Drive (where Nancy’s body found) from his Cisco laptop. #coopertrial

Det. Chappell: Brad accessed multiple photos of Fielding Drive on July 11. He zoomed in on photos. (Nancy went missing July 12) #coopertrial

Det. Chappell: Brad searched for “27518” Cary zip – the center of that area, longitude and latitude is Fielding Drive. #coopertrial

Det. Chappell: In initial Internet cache, photos not zoomed. But closed hand cursor file showed that he actually did zoom in. #coopertrial

Det. Chappell: Brad was at Cisco on July 11 when he looked at Fielding Drive images on his work laptop. #coopertrial

Det. Chappell: Brad spent 1 min. creating temporary internet files (TIFS) picture of Fielding Drive. It was an aerial photo. #coopertrial

Det. Chappell: Brad zoomed in on aerial photos of Fielding Drive at exactly 1:15:27 p.m. on July 11, 2008. #coopertrial

Det. Chappell: On July 15, Brad searched “lawyer” and “Raleigh.” Later searched “Kurtz.” He also looked at #coopertrial

Det. Chappell: Earlier on July 11, Brad searched Hilton Honors site and looked at credit card account online, Citibank. #coopertrial

As a results of GOLO comments on, the judge has banned all electronics (cell phones, laptops) from the trial. #coopertrial

Judge’s ban on cellphones & laptops in the courtroom is for people in the audience, including members of the media. #coopertrial

#CooperTrial jury going home early today. Someone didn’t feel well.

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