Court Documents

11/03/2006 Warrant for 5108 Birchleaf


11/04/2006 Warrant for Jason’s Ford Explorer:


Non-Testimonial Identification Order for Jason Lynn Young:


11/13/2006 Warrant for Compaq Presario (home computer):


11/21/2006 Warrant for Electronics and Audio:


11/30/2006 Warrant for Dell Inspiron (Michelle Money’s laptop):


12/01/2006 Warrant for Nikon camera:


12/01/2006 Warrant for Samsung Verizon cell phone:


Michelle Marie Fisher Young Autopsy Report:


2/8/2007 Warrant for Jason Young’s Yahoo! account:


02/08/2007 Warrant for CD’s and DVD’s seized from 5108 Birchleaf:


2/16/2007 Court Order for therapist Kimball Jane Sargent to release to the Wake County District Attorney all records pertaining to the treatment of Michelle Young:…Michelle%20Young%20Therapy%20Documents.swf


7/5/2007 Warrant for Jason Young’s cell phone records:

7/5/2007 Warrant for Jason Young’s Yahoo! account:


7/25/07 Search Warrant for Michelle Young’s Lexus SUV:

7/25/07 Search Warrant for Cassidy Young’s DNA:


11/20/2007 Search Warrant for 5108 Birchleaf:,_2007.swf


2/14/2008 Search warrants for the homes of Pat Young and Heather McCracken, two vehicles driven by Jason Young, and a storage unit rented by Jason Young:

WTVD’s .pdf:

WRAL’s .pdf’s (includes photos):


6/5/2008 Order to seal search warrant for undisclosed location executed on 7/5/2007:


Linda Fisher’s wrongful death lawsuit:

LINK to’s .pdf file

Complaint filed 10/29/08.
Served to Pat Young (Jason’s place of residence) 10/31/08.
Filed with the court clerk 11/04/08.


Linda and Meredith Fisher’s custody complaint against Jason Young:


11/6/2008 Warrant for Jason Young’s Novo Nordisk computer data:


12/2/2008 Warrant for Jason Young’s Yahoo! account:


12/5/2008 Investigator Spivey’s affidavit for the wrongful death suit:


12/5/2008 Wrongful Death Suit judgment


2/6/2009 Child Custody Consent Order transferring primary custody of Cassidy Young to Meredith Fisher:


2/9/2009 Search Warrant for Jason Young’s Microsoft Hotmail accounts:


3/10/2009 Warrant for Jason Young’s Google account:


3/10/2009 warrant for Jason Young’s Bebo account:

12/30/09 Warrant for Jason Young’s text message data from Cellco/Verizon:


5/16/2011 Warrant for hard drive image of Jason Young’s Dell Latitude Laptop:

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