Jason Young Trial: Jury Selection

Jury selection begins today in the First Degree Murder trial of Jason Young who stands accused of murdering his pregnant wife, Michelle Young, in November, 2006.  The process is expected to take about three to four days with Opening Statements to follow.  WRAL will stream live coverage of the trial on their website.
I have begun to assemble a dedicated page to facilitate following the trial as it progresses.  The page will be updated as necessary.  Click the link below or in the sidebar to access the Michelle Young Case page.

Michelle Young Case


Discussion of the case and trial coverage is being hosted at the original Friction Powered Exchange forum. 


 If you are still having trouble accessing the forum, please leave a comment on this blog entry.


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  1. Scout on

    If you are still having trouble accessing the forum, try deleting all cookies and browsing history.

    If that doesn’t fix the problem, try typing the url for the forum into your browser window’s address bar rather than using a bookmark or link to direct your browser. Type in the entire url; don’t use the auto-fill feature.


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