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John Fiocco, Jr.’s parents have hired a lawyer, a private investigator, and Dr. Michael Baden to investigate their son’s death.

Baden said yesterday he has been on the Fiocco case for a few weeks at the request of the deceased 19-year-old TCNJ freshman’s relatives, who live in Mantua, Gloucester County.”The family wants to know why their son died and did anybody do harm to him?” Baden said, adding he has reached “no conclusions at all. We’re just in the process of gathering information.”


Good for them.

Lawyers in the Natalee Holloway case were in a New York courtroom yesterday arguing whether to dismiss or move the civil suit filed by her parents. They await a decision from the judge.

The Dorrian brothers, owners of The Falls, were slapped down hard by the State Liquor Authority for their offenses regarding the hiring of Darryl Littlejohn and lying to investigators of the Imette St. Guillen murder.

“He lied. He hedged. He ducked and weaved,” a police source said of Daniel Dorrian. “He did everything he could to avoid helping to find who killed this girl. All because he didn’t want to lose his liquor license. For money and greed.”

They may lose their liquor license. One can only hope. That should be the least of their punishment, in my opinion.

A Russellville detective opens up a little about the Nona Dirksmeyer investigation, defending his department against public criticism. There’s not really any new information in the article, but it’s interesting if you’ve been following the case. I think they did things right.

I hope I’m wrong, but I get the feeling that Tara Grinstead’s family is being taken for a ride by this so-called criminologist, Dr. Maurice Godwin.

Royal Caribbean is fishing with live bait again. Another passenger, Daniel DiPiero, has gone overboard, and, once again, their main concern is public relations. Daniel was drunk. It’s all his own fault, and Royal Caribbean’s hands are clean. Of course. Nevermind that nearly 12-hour gap between the time that a security camera captured Daniel going overboard and the time that the Coast Guard was notified. As you’ll remember, George Smith IV either fell or was pushed overboard during his honeymoon on a Royal Caribbean cruise of the Mediterranean.

Some members of the Peterson jury have their own book coming out this fall. I may read it if the opportunity arises, but I won’t be buying the book. Gloria Allred has made too much money on the case already.
The family of Tracy Tribble is asking for volunteers to help search for the 35-year-old redhead in western Iowa. She’s been missing from her Council Bluffs home since May 3rd. Or could it be May 2nd? Tracy was reportedly last seen by her husband before he left for work.

Stan Tribble told officers that he last saw Tracy before going to work at 6 a.m. When he returned home at 5:30 p.m., her car was still in the driveway, but she was nowhere to be found.

In addition to her vehicle, Tracy apparently left without her keys, purse, and cell phone. Her wallet, which contains her identification and a debit card, is missing from her purse, but there has been no activity on her account. Her dog was found wandering without its collar in a nearby cemetary. Contrary to the police stance that Stan Tribble is not a suspect, they have released a description of clothing that Tracy was wearing on May 2nd.

A coworker told officers that Tribble, 35, was wearing dark blue pants or jeans, a green sweater and a dark green jacket with a gray fleece lining.

Stan Tribble admits to police that he and Tracy had an argument the night before she disappeared, but denies assaulting her. Police have been called to the Tribble residence on more than one occasion for incidents of domestic violence, and last week filed charges against Stan for an April assault on his wife. Police have stated that so far there is nothing to indicate that Stan Tribble is responsible for his wife’s disappearance, but as the last to see her, he is certainly a person of interest. Police say that Stan has been contacting friends in trying to locate Tracy. Tribble was, at first, cooperative with investigators, submitting to an interview on May 8 and allowing them access to the home at 133 Benton St., but has since hired a lawyer and required a search warrant for further searches of the home. The results of the search warrant executed on May 11 have been sealed, so it isn’t know what, if anything, was found. Friend and former boyfriend Bryon Batchelder told reporters that the couple had had a bad argument the night of May 2 and describes Tracy as distraught afterward. Batchelder has taken a leave of absence from his job in Las Vegas to look for Tracy and doesn’t intend to return until she is found.

Another search is planned for this Saturday, and a $75,000 reward for information as to Tracy’s whereabouts is being offered. Anyone with information is asked to call Council Bluffs police at (712) 328-4764 or the non-emergency number at (712) 328-5737. Tracy’s family has set up a tip-line — (402) 218-1199 — for anyone who may be too intimidated to call police.

Christine Gaines, Tribble’s stepsister, said that the line was established to encourage anyone who might be afraid to call police with information about her sister’s disappearance.

“We hope that this line will open up some opportunities to find new information,” Gaines said.

Police have investigated a couple of tips received by the family, according to Gaines, but no new evidence has turned up.

Gaines also asked that if anyone in the community remembers seeing anything suspicious on rural roads in the last two weeks, to notify authorities.


I wonder if that rural road request is just based on a hunch or if it’s the result of something found in searches of the home and both vehicles.


Unsolved Mystery: Fiocco

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the body found Tuesday in a Pennsylvania landfill is indeed that of TCNJ freshman, John Fiocco, Jr. Identification was made using dental records. Investigators now await DNA results for final confirmation, as well as toxicology results from an autopsy performed Tuesday evening. The medical examiner was unable to determine a cause of death. There were no bullet or stab wounds to the body, which was badly decomposed and had sustained multiple fractures from the trash compacting system. Due to the fact that several pints of Fiocco’s blood were found in the garbage bin, investigators believe that Fiocco was dead before sanitation workers removed the contents to a processing facility and, ultimately, the landfill.

The investigation is ongoing. Police have found no positive evidence of foul play, but consider the young man’s demise a “suspicious death.” State police superintendent, Col. Rick Fuentes, told the press that ‘despite hundreds of interviews with students and university staff, police have found no one whose conduct seems suspicious. “We have no persons of interest,” Fuentes said.’

As for myself, I’m beginning to wonder if investigators will be able to determine how John Fiocco, Jr. ended up in that garbage bin, but it’s good to know that they haven’t yet given up.

Investigators who have now been working on the case for more than a month say it could be weeks before forensic tests on Fiocco’s remains yield clues that could shed light on the 19-year-old’s final hours.Police suggested that they were considering several possible scenarios that could explain how a drunken Fiocco ended up in a campus trash bin after a night of partying on March 25. But in a meeting with reporters at the college campus in suburban Mercer County, they declined to provide any specifics about where they might turn now.

Several questions cross my mind:

  • In additon to the blood found in and around the trash bin, was there, as reported earlier, blood found on the platform below the trash chute?A presence of blood there would indicate that he did indeed go down the garbage chute.
  • Were any hairs or fibers from Mr. Fiocco’s clothing found around the garbage chute opening?This would obviously be another strong indicator that his body traveled through the chute.
  • Were Mr. Fiocco’s fingerprints found inside the rim of the trash chute doorway, indicating that he might possibly have entered the chute of his own volition?While this seems highly unlikely, it must be considered. When drinking is involved, all judgment can and often does go out the window. However, fingerprints in that location would not necessarily prove that no one else was involved — only that Mr. Fiocco was, at least, semi-conscious when he entered the chute.An absence of his fingerprints, in the presence of other evidence such as fibers, would give a strong indication that he was unconscious and, thus, put into the chute by one or more other people.
  • Have police found an explanation for the one wet sock found in the dorm room where Mr. Fiocco was believed to have fallen asleep? Was the other sock found with the body?The wet sock stands out as a puzzling thing to me. I’m curious to know if the corresponding shoe was wet as well and whether any of his friends have any knowledge as to how the sock became wet. Maybe there’s a perfectly innocent explanation for it, and it has no relevance whatsoever to the case, but I’m bothered by it.
  • What is the proximity of the trash chute to the room where Fiocco fell asleep and was last seen by fellow students?
  • Was any commotion heard by anyone in nearby rooms?
  • Was any forensic evidence found beneath Fiocco’s fingernails, indicating that he put up a fight?

I’m sure there are additional questions relevant to the investigation, but I’m out of time for now. I’ll leave it to you, the reader, to ask the rest. Nevertheless, I suppose we must put our faith in the investigative team to come up with the answers. I hope that those answers are to be had and that the mystery does not remain unsolved.

Anyone with information is asked to call the New Jersey State Police Tip Line at 1-877-748-6577. At one time The College of New Jersey had set up their own tip line and email address. I’m not sure if those are still active, but the phone number and email address are listed in the last paragraph of my original entry on this case, entitled John Fiocco, Jr.

In addition to the North article linked above, the Philadelphia Inquirer has a thorough and informative article on the background and investigation.

Body Found: John Fiocco, Jr?

A body found in a Bucks County, Pennsylvania landfill may be that of missing TCNJ college student John Fiocco, Jr. Authorities have been searching the landfill since Fiocco’s blood was found in and around a dumpster beneath his dormitory building on The College of New Jersey campus.

Updates will be posted as they become available. Please post any links in the comment section.

Update: 7:51 pm, CT

Officially, it still has not been confirmed that the body found today is that of John Fiocco, Jr., but the young man’s family is in mourning and the lead investigator is referring to the discovery as a “significant development. “

TULLYTOWN, Pa. (AP) – The remains of a white man were found Tuesday in a Pennsylvania landfill where authorities have been searching for evidence related to the disappearance of freshman John Fiocco Jr., police said.While authorities wouldn’t confirm the body of Fiocco had been recovered, the student’s uncle said the family was in mourning and thanked police for “bringing closure” to the case.”Johnny was caring, sensitive, smart and witty,” Joseph Fiocco said outside the family home in Mantua Township. He asked anyone with information about his nephew to contact authorities. He would not answer questions.Tullytown Patrolman John Finby said the remains were found at 1:45 p.m. New Jersey State Police said they had made an important discovery at the landfill. Capt. Al Della Fave said there had been a “significant development” but would not disclose any further information.

It’s a terribly sad day for all.

This brings to an end the search for the missing student. The truth about what befell Mr. Fiocco is yet to be learned. One can only hope that the medical examiner will be able to determine cause of death and investigators will be able to solve the mystery and attain justice, if necessary.

LINK to a previous entry on this case.

John Fiocco, Jr.

After a night of drinking with friends at an off-campus party, TCNJ freshman John Fiocco, Jr. returned to Wolfe Hall where he was a resident of the 4th floor. Reportedly, Fiocco was intoxicated to the point that Amanda Samaha, a friend and 3rd floor co-ed, was concerned for his safety on the stairs and escorted him to his floor.

She guessed that was probably about 2 a.m. Samaha said she saw Fiocco go down one wing of the hallway as she went to meet a friend on the opposite wing.

About 30 minutes later, as she sat talking with a friend in the hallway, Samaha said they both saw Fiocco come out of the men’s bathroom. He got a drink of water from a water fountain in the hall and offered some greeting to Samaha and her friend so routine that she can’t remember exactly what it was.

“I left soon after that” to return to the third floor, she said. LINK

Fiocco was last seen at approximately 3 am sleeping in the dorm room of another female student along with two other students. When the two awoke the next morning, John Fiocco was nowhere to be found. Left behind were his shoes and a wet sock. Rather odd. Even odder is the fact that police found John’s blood in and around a garbage dumpster in Wolfe Hall. They sent fiber-optic cameras down a garbage chute that empties into the dumpster, but have given no indication that any additional blood was found in the chute or elsewhere in the TCNJ dormitory building.

When I first heard about this story, I pictured a sloping garbage chute from the 4th floor to the basement dumpster and imagined a drunken stunt or hazing prank gone awry. However, after seeing a photograph of the chute last night, I’m more inclined to believe that whoever put John Fiocco, Jr. down that chute had already done or intended to do him harm. A 2-ft x 2-ft opening leads to a vertical drop through a 3-ft x 3-ft shaft to a platform below, where a robotic arm sweeps the trash off into the dumpster. It was suggested by Dr. Larry Kobilinsky last night on Nancy Grace’s Headline News program that Mr. Fiocco fell four stories to land on that platform head first. The blood reported as being found around the dumpster was actually on the platform. That’s a horrific scenario, but it fits with what we know so far.

Authorities have been searching a Pennsylvania landfill for John Fiocco’s remains and have tapped the state trooper academy for 15 recruits to assist in the grim task. It’s likely to take weeks, if not months, to find anything. A team of 38 people searching 11 hours a day, four days a week, took nearly two months to find the badly decomposed body of Lori Hacking in a Utah landfill after her husband shot and disposed of her in a trash bin in July of 2004.

The dormitory was thoroughly searched by forensics teams, and the residents were interviewed by investigators. The College of New Jersey has set up an anonymous tip line — (609) 538-8180 — and an e-mail address,, and posted a reward for any information regarding John Fiocco, Jr.’s disappearance. Someone in Wolfe Hall that night knows what happened to Mr. Fiocco. Let’s hope authorities are able to get to the bottom of it and recover the young man’s body for his family’s sake.