Jason Young Arrested

The other shoe has finally dropped.  Jason Young was arrested in Brevard, North Carolina, for the first degree murder of his wife, Michelle Young.  Michelle, 20 weeks pregnant with a son, was bludgeoned to death in her bedroom on November 3, 2006 while Jason was purportedly out of town on a business trip.  Her sister, Meredith Fisher discovered Michelle’s body while retrieving a computer printout from the couple’s home at the request of Jason Young.  Cassidy Young, 2 1/2 years old at the time, was unharmed and discovered by Ms. Fisher in the Youngs’ bed.

Jason Young is in transit from Brevard, North Carolina, to Raleigh.  WRAL has breaking news.


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  1. ... on

    i have to comment. only because i need to get this off my chest. i called jason young a friend up until 3 years ago. when the news first came out about michelle, it saddened me. i felt so bad for jason and his loss. i felt terrible for cassidy.
    the jason i knew was fun, friendly, outgoing…i spent quite a bit of time with him and it was always great!! AND NO, I NEVER DID ANYTHING PHYSICALLY WITH HIM!!! NEVER!!!!
    i want to get it out there that i’m upset that i thought he didn’t do it…and now, well, now, it seems he did. i feel betrayed, upset, stupid.

    you think you know someone…

  2. Scout on

    Thanks for your comment “…” I’m sure there are a lot of other friends who share your feelings. Not sure if you’re aware of it, but most of the discussion of this case now happens at the FPX forum. You’re welcome to join the discussion there if you want.


    Of course, you’re welcome to continue posting here if it’s more comfortable for you.

  3. Scout on

    And you shouldn’t feel stupid. Lot’s of people thought they knew him. His deception goes far beyond telling lies.

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