The Jason You Know

I wrote an earlier entry on this email exchange that took place between Jason and Michelle Young on July 12, 2006, a mere three and a half months prior to her murder, but I don’t think I spoke strongly enough regarding its tone and content.  I don’t know if I am able to adequately describe how disturbing I find it, but I feel the need to address it again.

Michelle Young – “I know you are mad and I am really sorry.  I know you have been doing a lot around the house and with Cass and I really appreciate it.  I have just been really busy at work and I thought this is a slack time for you with your job so you could handle it.
Please give me a call — I want to know who is picking up Cass today.”

Jason Young – ” I don’t care who gets her.”

Jason Young – “I just got home and the goddamn power is out, I called progress and a crew is already out.  Cass pissed herself all over the floor, it’s hot as hell inside and I can’t entertain her enough w/o tv to finish the godamn yard.  I am taking beer and her to pool.  I am in a mood that makes our trip to myrtle seem mild, pray the beer kicks in.  I could kill u for not letting me finish the yard this morning.”

To those of you who consider yourselves to be Jason’s friends, I have to say this.  He is not your friend, and he does not consider you to be his friend.  You are camouflage.  He wears a carefully crafted façade and surrounds himself with you good and decent people in hopes that he will be seen as one of you.  He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Stop ignoring the hairy paws that jut from beneath the fleece and the snarling maw through which he speaks.  Would the Jason you know talk to his wife the way Jason did in the above email?  Would the Jason you know refer to his daughter so crudely and callously?  Michelle’s words are conciliatory and pleading.  Jason’s are hostile, venomous, and threatening.  Don’t let this man continue to manipulate and use you for his own purposes.  It is not courageous or noble to stand by him in his transgressions.  It takes courage and integrity to stand up for what’s right, especially when the transgressor is family or friend. 

Gojo has said many times that Jason is not capable of murdering Michelle.  I believe his words regarding murder were that a person would have to think it before he could do it.  And that Jason is not capable of thinking it.  What say you now, gojo?  What say any of you who thought Jason incapable of murdering his pregnant wife?


Edited to renew this plea:

If anyone out there has any knowledge or information as to what occurred on the trip to Myrtle, I would very much like to hear from you.  Please, post a comment or send me an email using the Contact Form on this blog.  Posting a comment at the discussion forum is another option you would be welcome to use.  Thank you for any help you can provide.

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  1. Valasarius on

    I guess I’ve missed something as I sometimes do, but: Regardless of any of the above, have we taken over the legal system? Are we to use our own devices to determine the guilt or innocence of a person based on our own investigations? Maybe we should amend the legal system: I am not entirely respectful for what it has become, (making deals, etc.). I say “We” because it is “We The People” who founded this country. We are the ones who can change it for the better but not this way! It feels so wrong to have this murder still unsolved and seem so unattended to but we stopped hanging people with no trial many years ago. This murder should never go unpunished! Those who investigate Michelle’s murder should not count hours spent but dig and spend and never give up until someone can be justly charged, put to trial and sentenced by the citizens of this country in a court of law. The person who did this is and will always be a murderer, a subhuman! WE should insist on and never accept less than a trial by jury that finds and condemns this soulless murderer to worse than death!
    I know that we are all restless and tired of this investigation that seems to have no end and no charges made. We cannot find ourselves in the position of being charged ourselves, not by the law but in the Public Mind.
    We must not condemn a person without a Trial by Jury.

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