Justice Abides

With the anniversary of Michelle Fisher Young’s murder swiftly approaching, the search for justice has taken on a renewed fervor. Despite months of no news and no visible activity in the investigation, various message boards across the Internet are proof-postive that many have never given up hope that Michelle’s killer will eventually be prosecuted. In recent days, a group of friends calling themselves the “Magnet Militia” took it upon themselves to remind the public that Michelle Young’s killer is still at large and even the smallest effort — the minutest of clues — can bring big results. Today, Amanda Lamb, crime reporter for WRAL, brought news of the story to the public. Don’t miss Amanda’s report via video link at WRAL.com.

The group has already distributed magnets to the residents of the Youngs’ Enchanted Oaks neighborhood and intends to make more available throughout Raleigh, across North Carolina, and anywhere else that has the potential to yield results. They’ve graciously provided this photograph of a magnet applied to the mailbox at 5108 Birchleaf Drive, Michelle’s former residence.

[Images courtesy of the Magnet Militia]

Kudos to the Magnet Militia! These friends give credence to the belief that justice abides and is determined to triumph.

Please, if you have any information related to Michelle Young’s murder — no matter how insignificant it might seem — call the number on the magnet: 919-856-6800. It’s the same as the number on the Progress Energy reward poster, which promises confidentiality to all tip providers.

Additional Note:

Michelle Young’s mother, Linda Fisher, recently gathered together family and friends in New York for a picnic to celebrate Michelle’s memory. Visit Statia Grossman’s Michelle Young Memorial blog to view her photographs of the beautiful day they shared in her honor.


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  1. janetruth on

    I am so glad to see some activity in this case. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Scout.

  2. Average Jane on

    I’m thrilled, too, Janetruth! It’s like mini mobile billboards all over the place. That Magnet Militia group deserves a big pat on the back. They’re providing a daily reminder about the search for Michelle’s murderer, and the media attention is giving public awareness a real boost. It’s also emphasizing to WCSD and DA Willoughby that people aren’t going to give up. This case will be solved. Thanks for stopping by, JT.

  3. mystyblue on

    A beautifully written entry, Scout. You could give most reporters (or journalism teachers) a run for the money. I too hope the magnets help keep Michelle Young’s murder in the spotlight, in the hope that soon her killer is arrested. The Magnet Militia has my thanks and admiration.

  4. indie on

    What a beautiful job Statia has done on her Michelle Young Memorial blog! The picture of the two children playing in front of the memorial tree is so symbolic of Michelle’s motherly love and spirit.

  5. Taximom on

    I love that his face is on the magnet as well. This is a great tool and I hope it pays off.

    It would be nice if this idea was utilized with other missing persons cases.

    Thanks, Scout.

  6. Average Jane on

    Thanks to each of you for reading and posting, Mysty, Indie, and Taximom! If you haven’t been back in the last day or so, be sure to check out the new entries on Statia’s blog. She has put up some photos of Michelle that we haven’t seen before and a couple of poignant letters from Michelle’s friends.

    Michelle Young Memorial

  7. Taximom on

    I love Statia’s blog. The memories have a way of bringing her back to life. I’ll keep praying for justice to happen SOON.

    I hope Cassidy is doing well. She’s in my prayers too.

  8. Auntie Em on

    Thanks for linking Statia’s blog, AJ., even though the poignant letters have me bawling my eyes out. I can’t imagine the pain of not only losing their daughter, friend, sister and cousin, but also to “lose” her precious daughter as well. I am praying for justice to come for Michelle and her children.

  9. Mels on

    I think the magnets are a wonderful idea. I live in Charlotte, NC and I inquired about getting one for my car since I drive 70 miles on I77 and I85 to and from work every day. I thought it would maybe bring more attention in this area but I guess because I’ve never posted on CTV (mainly because I don’t know anyone personally in the case) that I apparently cannot be trusted. They said they’d get back to me if they could help and they never did so I guess a little extra help wasn’t wanted. That really made me sad.

  10. Average Jane on

    Don’t give up yet, Mels. I’ve heard that the Magnet Militia is temporarily out of magnets. Apparently, they went like hotcakes during homecoming, but more may be available soon.

  11. Mels on

    I hope so Scout, this case really breaks my heart. I check in every day with hopes that they’ve made an arrest. I’m sure my friends are tired of hearing me talk about it but this case hits close to home for me. Not because she was my friend but because we are close in age and we’ve lead very similar lives. I happened to catch Greta’s On the Record on Nov 13 when she outlined the case and from that moment on I’ve checked all the websites daily. I know all of you because I’ve read your posts since nearly the beginning and all I want is for justice for Michelle.

    Thank you for responding to my post and I hope you have a good weekend.

  12. Average Jane on

    Thank you for posting; you’re welcome here any time.

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