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Gojo, if you are thinking about altering my recent PM to you at CourtTV’s forum and forwarding it to the moderator in an deceitful attempt to get me banned, I’d recommend that you abandon that idea. I’ve made a screenprint of my original PM to you and will make sure that Coldwater sees it if you engage in such an underhanded scheme.Sincerely,



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  1. Gojo on

    Well, Scout, I came over here looking for a link to a search warrant. Then I saw this. All I can say is, HUH?

    –I have no PMs from you
    –As you know, CW cut off my PM ability.
    –I can’t even get to CW if I wanted to.

    If you will totally wipe your memory of me and my name I will certainly do the same for you.

  2. Average Jane on

    I don’t think I’ll be able to wipe my memory of you and your name while there is unfinished business between us, gojo.

    You’ve more than once brought my name up and suggested that I had a hand in your getting banned from or locked out of the Michelle Young forum at CourtTV. I have never once complained about you to CW (nor anyone else in authority) at CourtTV’s boards. I have never wanted to see you banned or locked out. I’d much rather discuss the case with you, but you seem to prefer hanging out at Cybersleuths, where you can opine virually unchallenged. I’m not going to keep registering at other forums in order to communicate with you, gojo.

    You say that you have no PM ability at CTV; I was not aware of that. Last month I PM’d someone whom I believed to be you there. Shortly afterward, I was locked out of the Michelle Young forum and all of my posts were deleted.

  3. Average Jane on

    Did you find the warrant you were searching for, gojo? The best place to find a link to them is on the timeline calendar. Each warrant is linked on the date it was issued. There’s a link to the calendar in the right sidebar of the blog’s main page.

  4. Anonymous on

    Don’t ever forget, gojo is truely evil at the core. He has proven that fact more than I want to count for the last 7 months.

  5. Gojo on

    Enjoyed your calendar, Scout. Tremendous amount of work there. My wife finds it very useful in refreshing her memory of events. She suggested I correct some details. I pointed out that it’s just my word against someone like anonymous who knows my core. Anyway, it’s just minor things.

  6. Average Jane on

    All input is welcome and appreciated, gojo.

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