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A message for gojo

Gojo, if you are thinking about altering my recent PM to you at CourtTV’s forum and forwarding it to the moderator in an deceitful attempt to get me banned, I’d recommend that you abandon that idea. I’ve made a screenprint of my original PM to you and will make sure that Coldwater sees it if you engage in such an underhanded scheme.Sincerely,



Michelle Young Murder: Rage or Planned?

I made the post below at the CourtTV forum a few days ago, but it got little response. It seems most people discussing this case are already convinced that Michelle Young’s murder was planned. I tend to agree with the notion that it was planned, but, as I said in the post, I’m interested in exploring the rage theory. So, I’m bringing the post here in hopes that any who might like to contribute, but are uncomfortable with the registration process required at message boards or don’t want to attach a name to their comments, will feel comfortable contributing here.

At this point, I’m not interested in arguing guilt versus innocence. Until the evidence is presented, it isn’t likely that any who believe Jason is guilty will change the opinion of any who believe he is innocent, and vice versa. Arguing about it is an endless loop of futility, imo. I prefer to discuss the topic of motive. More generally, was this murder a rage killing, or did the killer plan to murder Michelle before he ever entered the house that night? I tend to believe it was planned, but I’d like to further explore and discuss the rage theory of a fight that got out of control. The essence of a rage killing is uncontrolled physical violence.So the most basic question one could ask, if you consider Jason the perpetrator, is had there ever been any signs of violence in the past? It’s been said by people who know the couple that they were not afraid to argue in front of other people and that their arguments were quite loud and made those present uncomfortable. So my questions of them are:

  1. Was there ever any type of physical violence, from Jason or Michelle, during these altercations — hitting, grabbing, pushing, throwing things, menacing behavior or threats of violence?
  2. In retrospect, were there ever any injuries to either of them that caused anyone to wonder if there had been physical violence?
  3. Was there ever any household damage that could have been caused by physical violence?
  4. Were there ever any odd explanations or excuses from either of the Youngs that left you questioning their veracity, if even for a fleeting moment?

I realize my questions aren’t likely to bring any insiders out of lurkdom. Who in their right mind would willingly throw themselves into this arena?! Nevertheless, I think the questions are important. IMO, they are elemental to the theory of a rage killing.

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Update: August 30, 2007

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