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Reward Offered for Michelle Young’s Killer

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In case you missed it…

Stan Tribble was convicted.

Yes, convicted of the first degree murder of his wife, Tracy Gostomski Tribble. Take heed; no physical evidence was found in Stan Tribble’s vehicle nor in the couple’s home that directly tied him to her death. Yet a jury found him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

So what convinced the twelve of his guilt?

A missing comforter

Stan’s chilling remark to a friend

Tracy’s fractured face

Stan’s defensive letter to the media
(strikingly reminiscent of Scott Peterson’s letter to volunteers)

Stan’s cell phone data, text messages, and email


The testimony of a jailhouse snitch.

Stan Tribble will serve a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

What would I like to see next?

A billboard similar to the one pictured above (courtesy of Omaha’s KETV-7) to replace the reward poster issued by Progress Energy last week for the murderer of Michelle Fisher Young.

Transmission Suspension

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In the meantime:

You can set your minds to work on what one reader termed “that awesome riddle”. Then you will know something that I know. It’s easier to solve than you might think. It’s not like I wrote it in Mandarin, after all.

Message Box Help

If you’re having trouble sending and receiving private messages at the CourtTV or Websleuths forums, you probably need to clean out your box. It’s necessary to clean out both the Inbox and the Sent Items folder. Otherwise, your box will fill up with sent messages and you won’t be able to send or receive anything new.

  1. Click on “user cp” near the top center of the page.
  2. Click on “Private Messages” at the far right of the User CP navigation bar.
  3. Delete any unwanted messages in your Inbox. Just check the boxes to the right of the message labels and click delete at the bottom of the list.
  4. Select “Sent Items” from the “Jump to folder” dropdown menu on the right, just below the navigation bar.
  5. Delete any unwanted messages in your Sent Items folder in the same manner that you deleted Inbox items.

I’ve been told it’s also necessary to clear the Message Tracking items, but I’m not sure that function affects mailbox capacity. Tracking items can be viewed through the “Jump to folder” menu.