Riddle me this…

A passenger in his own SUV;
Wan and silent or red-faced and sobbing?

The Young pack holds the safety net
Beneath Jason’s tightrope.

Cross Smith’s palm with silver,
And hope springs eternal.

$1,000,000. Baby, that’s a lot of pesos!
A few more than the average death would bring.

Is that a white Bronco in the garage?
Jason drives an Explorer, silly Billy.

The journey spans three states.
In what county does it re-enter North Carolina?

In a perfect world, Cassidy would have her mommy.
In our imperfect world, Mommy’s killer will be tried.

Linda waits for word.
Is her in-law an outlaw?

Turn this riddle every which way,
But don’t lose sight of the big picture.

The answer will get you close;
You must forego the compass to get there.

Solve it,
And you’ll make my day.

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  1. Bridge on

    Does the riddle have answers that you know? Or just speculate?

    The three states are NC, VA and TN.

    I think he reentered NC into Madison Co.

    The white Bronco line? Reference to running like OJ did? Contemplating suicide?

    A passenger in his own SUV as they chauffered him back to Raleigh. Was he crying, or silent?

  2. Anonymous on

    Smith= JY’s High-powered, costly attorney Silver= $$$$$ Palm & Silver= Exchange of $$$ Can one buy their freedom? Wasn’t Jesus betrayed by 30 pieces of silver? Are deals being made behind the scenes with the powerful? Underhandedly? Just some interpretations, Riddler, and of course, just my opinions and speculative in nature. I always enjoy reading your posts. You scare me with your saneness amidst the madness!

  3. Average Jane on

    The riddle has 11 stanzas which hold 12 clues to one solution. The solution is not speculation on my part. Each stanza contains at least one clue.

    I’m not going to provide any additional hints for the time being.

    Thanks for your comment bridge, and thank you for your kind compliments, anonymous.

  4. Diane on

    I messed around with the riddle (smith’s = smythe county etc) and gave up. But reading around elsewhere and looking at the route to Brevard, could it be one of the Wellmont Health hospitals?

    Lonesome Pine or Holston Valley?

    I spotted this Chartone job opening for Holston Valley.

  5. diane on

    Oh yeah, if it was Big Stone Gap, VA. That’s where Wallens Ridge State Prison is located :)

  6. Anonymous on

    there’s Palm Springs in there…
    is that where he went while he was in CA?

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