Perhaps to my peril…

Better known as “The Ring Story”

As a blogger, I have, from time to time, received interesting information about the subjects that spark my interest. Usually, I am asked to keep whatever is shared confidential, as its release may be detrimental to the investigation or the anecdote may be self-evident as to its source. On the rare occasion, I am permitted to publish that with which I’ve been entrusted. Actually, rare is an understatement. It’s rare that I get information that hasn’t already been made public either through legitimate news reports, public statements by law enforcement officials, or word-of-mouth. Rarer still that I am able to publish.

The very brief story I’m about to share may be considered nothing more than grapevine gossip. That’s the reader’s prerogative. However, I will say that I have more faith in it than that. You will have to judge its merit on the basis of your own standards.

Without further ado, here is the story…

At a party shortly before Michelle’s murder, Jason Young, ostensibly as a drunken party gag, swallowed the engagement ring of a female friend, later passing it and returning it to the betrothed –undoubtedly astonished and probably appalled –young woman the next day.

Now, even though I was given permission to share this story, I held off at first, uncertain what to do with it. Frankly, it left me aghast. Amid other concerns, the disturbing nature of the incident and its provocative connotations, at first glance, seemed a bit too unsavory and not necessarily relevant. Upon further pondering and discussion with a friend whose opinion I value, I came to the realization that it is indeed useful in giving a glimpse of the personality of Jason Young — a window on his character, limited though the scope may be. It adds a whole new dimension to the affable, gregarious, late-blooming but charismatic and athletic mountain boy-cum-successful IT salesman previously presented by friends and relatives. Jason’s exploit — what some may consider a frat-boy prank — demonstrates a total disregard for the sensibilities of the young woman, as well as complete and utter contempt and disdain for the sanctity of marriage, including but not limited to his own marriage to Michelle. I can only imagine the reactions of those who witnessed or were subjected to the despicable stunt.

So there you have it. And you can make of it what you will.

Update: 2/5/2007, 4:52 pm, CT

Some of the feedback on this story indicates that several readers doubt the veracity of it. For those who doubt, I can only say that I have also received independent verification of some of what I wrote. As well, I’ve been set straight on a couple of details. The incident was apparently Jason’s idea of a practical joke rather than a drunken party gag. It did not occur at a party, but among a small group of people at the Youngs’ home. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether that makes it worse or better.


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  1. indie on

    Wow if this is true I would have been absolutely horrified for my “so called” friend to denigrate my wedding ring. To be honest with you I would have had a hard time wearing that ring again.

    How humiliating this must have been to Michelle if it was one of her friends.

    I agree the symbolism is quite profound. Sometimes when people drink they show their true colors.

    Did we ever find out about Michelle’s wedding ring? It was not a part of the autopsy report.

  2. Anonymous on

    That’s a really big window AJ. I can imagine SP doing that. You were right to post this, I’m sure there are plenty of other stories just like this one, waiting to be told.

  3. Average Jane on

    Yeah, any mention of Michelle’s ring was conspicuously absent from the autopsy report. Not sure what that means. There was no mention of any jewelry. Leaves you to wonder, huh? Especially since “just the facts” is always reminding us of missing jewelry that has so far gone unreported by the media and unmentioned by WCSD.

    Thanks for your comments, indie and anonymous!

  4. Anonymous on

    It’s true, I was there.

    I’ve also seen him swallow bugs (mosquitoes.)


  5. Anonymous on

    i knew him in college and this is definitely something he would do. and he would not have to be drunk to do it.

    he was constantly pulling pranks, some of them extremely offensive to others (speaking from personal experience!). all imo.

    chineseeyes from CTV

  6. indie on

    Anonymous, was this a recent party?

  7. Average Jane on

    Thanks for the confirmation, anonymous and chineseeyes. Glad to see you posting!

  8. RPD on

    Sounds like this dude was a real loser starving for some attention.
    Middle child syndome with some extra loops ?

  9. Anonymous on

    Since the owner of this blog is a “hang Jason @ any cost” i will take this story with a grain of salt.

  10. LuckyLuciano on

    I had to check in to see what others were thinking. We’re all in the same boat. And, it looks as if JTF has already been here as well. I figured as much.

  11. Average Jane on

    Differing opinions are welcome and appreciated. Insulting the blog owner or any other commenter is not. Take your grain of salt elsewhere, anonymous.

  12. Average Jane on

    I don’t believe the 10:30 anonymous is JTF, Lucky. Welcome.

  13. LuckyLuciano on

    TY Jane. Do you have any idea of who it is? Why do you think it’s not JTF? Not that it matters either way. But, I had just posted on CTV that I wondered how long it would take him/her to show up either here or there. I come here and see the post…

  14. Average Jane on

    JTF would have posted as “just the facts” rather than opting for anonymous, Lucky. Just a hunch.

  15. Captain Joe on

    Sounds like JY has a few loose screws.

  16. Average Jane on

    I’m deleting your comment, CG. Please, don’t take it personally. I appreciate the need for humor, but I’m not a big fan of toilet humor.

  17. Anonymous on


    JaysFan was more my thought.


  18. Anonymous on

    scout- if you copied all of jtf’s posts from yesterday, can you post them on your blog. i didn’t get to read them all before they were zapped. i think there are alot of telling signs about who she is & info that actually implicates jason.

  19. Average Jane on

    I’m sorry. I didn’t save them.

  20. mendara on

    gross – he sounds like a real winner – no wonder his lawyers told him to keep shut – he maybe a real CAD.

  21. Average Jane on

    Anonymous said…
    It’s true, I was there.

    I’ve also seen him swallow bugs (mosquitoes.)


    Friday, February 02, 2007 6:52:00 PM

    Anonymous, since you were there, can you provide a few more details about the incident? How many people were witness to it? What were their reactions? How did Michelle react to her husband’s prank? How did the young woman whose ring Jason swallowed react? Have you seen Jason pull other pranks similar to this in the past?

  22. Taximom on

    Very interesting, AJ.

    If this is true (and I know you well enough to know you would have checked this out thorougly before posting it) then it adds more characteristics to JY’s personality that lead me to the conclusion that he truly thought he could get away with murder.

    He seems to be impulsive and rather immature. He definitely doesn’t seem to have respect for marriage.

    The thought that he could take something as meaningful as someone’s engagement ring and swallow it, even as a joke, tells me quite a bit about Jason Young.

    I seriously hope others start telling all they know about Jason.

  23. Anonymous on

    Do you think that investigators are reading and monoriting the blogs?

  24. Average Jane on

    I haven’t seen any IPs that trace back to WCSD, anonymous. But IP trackers are not always accurate or up-to-date, and IPs can be masked. I don’t have any reason to believe that investigators have been monitoring my blog. But anything is possible, I guess. If you have something to say that you’re not comfortable with posting, you can always email me. There’s an email link in the sidebar on the main page.

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