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  1. Taximom on

    Hey AJ,

    How are you?

    That top photo gets me everytime…the joy in both of their faces. I imagine Michelle was happy to be having another little child.

    I hope they show the “memorial” pictures at the trial.


  2. Anonymous on

    Top pic indicates that MY might have a possibility of collecting DNA under her fingernails, which are not shortly trimmed. Gotta think she might have left some deep scratches on the perp.
    Captain Joe

  3. Average Jane on

    Nice to see you, T-mom! We’re enjoying a winter storm here — trying to stay warm.

    The top pic is the one that gets me, too. A precious moment.

  4. Average Jane on

    Good point, Captain Joe. Whoever did this to Michelle and her baby and took away Cassidy’s mommy and baby brother needs to be held accountable.

  5. Average Jane on

    BTW, I switched to the new blogger a few days ago. If any of you are getting an annoying pop-up every time you enter the comment section, that’s why. Not sure if there’s anything that can be done about it, but I hope so.

  6. Anonymous on

    I was concerned about you. Those photos are heartbreaking. They remind me of Laci. She’s heavier in the photos after her wedding. Did Jason ever reproach her for that? I’m sure you’ve seen the news about Shawn Hornbeck. Can’t get my mind around that one.

  7. Average Jane on

    Hi, anonymous. The photo of Michelle and Cassidy in the car is obviously after the wedding, and she looks fantastic in that one, if you ask me. The only one that’s a bit unflattering, in my opinion is the bottom one. I’ve never liked that pic, not because of Michelle’s appearance, but because of the way Jason has his arm around her shoulders. It looks affected, and doesn’t convey any intimacy, imo. I agree; brings back images of Laci. In fact, that picture reminds me of the one of Scott and Laci in front of the Christmas tree. Remember the contrast between the lack of intimacy in that photo and the snuggle-bunny appearance of the photo of Scott and Amber Frey in front of another Christmas tree? It’s hard not to draw comparisons when the cases have so many similarities.

    Yes, I’ve seen the news about Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownsby. Steve Huff seems to be doing a good job of covering it. It’s not one I want to delve too deeply into. I hope both boys get all the love and support they’re going to need in the years ahead.

  8. Anonymous on

    Yes, I remember. Did it seem this long when people were waiting for LE to arrest Scott?

  9. Average Jane on

    It felt like longer to me. Laci was still missing, and there was a period of time when there was very little media coverage. Cable news was all about the Iraq invasion and embedded reporters with the troops.

  10. Anonymous on

    I wonder if MY gained a bunch of weight and he was upset he no longer had his “trophy wife” ?

    (weight seemed to run in the family with her sister and Mom)

  11. Average Jane on

    I don’t see the point to any discussion about Michelle’s weight or that of her family members.

  12. Anonymous on

    only from JY’s perspective….no one else would care

  13. Average Jane on

    If Jason did this, I’m sure there were all kinds of things he nitpicked about Michelle. If he had that much resentment for her, it all arose from within him and really had nothing at all to do with her. Again, if he did this, he’s a miserable, selfish, cold-hearted person who was too cowardly to accept the responsibility for his unhappiness, instead blaming Michelle for everything that he felt was wrong with his life. She deserved so much better.

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