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Six weeks into the investigation of Michelle Young’s murder, Wake County officials continue to keep the bulk of the details close to the vest. It’s frustrating for those of us on the outside looking in, but certainly understandable as necessary to protect the integrity of the investigation and avoid trying the case in the media. A string of particular questions circle around in my head, and I wonder just what it is about each one that is vital to solving the crime and apprehending the perpetrator. Why do investigators and/or prosecutors release certain details yet keep so many others out of the public domain?

  • What time did Jason leave home on November 2?We learned from a news report quoting, Rhett Fussell, a friend of the Youngs that he left in the evening for an early morning sales meeting in Virginia, but the exact time of his departure is, as yet, unpublished. We also know that Jason had a very brief conversation with investigators on the day Michelle’s body was discovered. Did he make a statement as to what time he left? If so, surely investigators have done everything in their power to either substantiate or disprove that claim. Is there some discrepancy between the two? Or is there unaccounted for time between his departure from the Youngs’ Raleigh home and his arrival at the Virginia destination?
  • Where did Jason spend the night of November 2-3?Did he check in to a hotel in the same Virginia city he was to make a sales call in? Or did he stop short and spend the night somewhere in between Raleigh and the destination point? In either case, it’s conceivable that he had time to return to Raleigh, kill Michelle, and still make it to the Virginia sales meeting on Friday morning.
  • What was the location of the sales meeting?A poster at the CourtTV forum who claims to have some inside knowledge put forth that the meeting was to be in Roanoke, but officials have never publicly made clear the location nor indicated if Jason actually kept the appointment. Failure to keep the appointment would be a devastating blow to his alibi, but keeping it would not necessarily solidify it. Depending on the chronology of his departure, hotel check-in, and the sales meeting, he may have had ample time for a round-trip to Raleigh to commit the crime.
  • Who sent the mysterious “fax”?Meredith Fisher, Michelle’s sister, told officers that she had received a voicemail from Jason Young on Friday morning, with a request for her to go to the house and pick up a fax. This excerpt from a November 30 warrant seems to suggest that the document does exist:

    The victim’s sister came to the house to retrieve a document, which was on the printer, located next to the computer. The document had been printed from that computer.

    Of more interest is the fact that this document was of notable mention in the Probable Cause section of a warrant to search a Dell computer belonging to Michelle Money. Does this suggest that Michelle Money sent the document that Meredith was asked to retrieve? If so, we can reasonably conclude that Meredith had no knowledge of the affair between her brother-in-law and Mrs. Money. That could indicate that Michelle Young was also in the dark in that regard. Or if she was aware, she had only very recently learned of it.

  • What were the plans for the coming weekend in the Young household?Friends of Jason have laid out for us his purported plans for the early part of the weekend. ConcernedCitize at the CourtTV forum gave the following account:

    Jason left home Thur. Pm to go to Va. I do not know the exact time he left but know it was in the evening. He had a meeting there Fri. AM. He checked into a hotel there and called Michelle at around 11 PM that night when he had arrived. He spoke to her and all was fine. He had his meeting Fri. Am and then as had been previously planned, drove to western NC to his mom’s house where he’d planned to have a short visit and spend the night before returning to Raleigh the next day. People are very confused over the sequence there because the press has published so many different things. He went to VA, spent the night, had a meeting in the AM, then as planned drove to Brevard.

    The author twice qualified that the trip to Brevard had been planned in advance. Why the emphasis? It seems of great importance to the author that we are not left with the impression that Jason’s decision to visit his mom was a spur of the moment notion. If the visit was unplanned, did his parent’s know before learning of Michelle’s murder that Jason was coming? If they learned of both at the same time, I can certainly see why his stepfather was so insistent that he retain an attorney before speaking to investigators.

    On the other hand, a pre-planned trip to Brevard seems rather sinister in the context of Michelle’s death. It’s been reported that Fridays are Michelle’s flex days at Progress Energy, and she wasn’t expected in that day. Wouldn’t Jason’s parents have loved to see their daughter-in-law and, especially, their granddaughter? If Michelle had a doctor’s appointment that day, she could have rescheduled and gone along to enjoy a weekend in the mountains with her family. Why would Jason leave them behind and give Meredith the impression that Michelle would be at work that day?

    One more thing that calls into question the side-trip to Brevard is the fact that Saturday was Homecoming for the NCSU Wolfpack. It’s common knowledge that Jason is a big fan and has been a season ticket holder, fully engaging in tailgating and other Wolfpack festivities — even hoisting up little Cassidy, dressed as a miniature NCSU cheerleader, in mock cheerleader lifts at games . Would his parents even be on his mind on Homecoming weekend? Would he take the time to drive hours out of his way and miss out on any part of the Homecoming hullabaloo?

  • How was Jason notified of Michelle’s murder, and what was his reaction?Jason’s step-father claims to have broken the news:

    “I met him in the yard and told him what happened,” Gerald McIntyre, the stepfather, said from his home in Brevard.
    “He went plumb to his knees.”

    According to friends, the family, after learning of the murder, elected to tell Jason when he arrived rather than devastating him with the news while he was driving and alone. However, Wake County Sheriff, Donnie Harrison, told Greta van Susteren of Fox News that his office notified Young. As I’ve stated before, the falling to his knees bit seems rather contrived as an immediate response. It conveys acceptance rather than stunned disbelief, in my opinion. Why would he be so quick to accept such shocking news? Did he ask about the welfare of his 2½ year old daughter, Cassidy? Did he display any concern as to her condition or whose care she was in? I’m hopeful that Sheriff Harrison sent a representative to personally notify Jason Young of Michelle’s murder. His initial response to that news could be very telling.

  • What was the murder weapon?Has it been located and recovered? Have marks on Michelle’s body allowed examiners to determine what type of instrument was used? Is there any evidence tying the weapon to the crime and/or to a suspect?

I believe that investigators have the answers to all of these questions and probably more. And I believe that what they know in that regard led them to focus on Jason Young as a suspect in his wife’s murder early on in the investigation. They said almost from the beginning that it was not a random act. I wonder why.

Update: 1:25 pm CT

Another question just occurred to me. Why did Wake County authorities recently release part of the warrants relating to the case? Specifically, why did they reveal the adulterous affair between Jason Young and Michelle Money. Mrs. Money has reportedly been very cooperative and fully answered all of investigating officers’ questions. So why offer her up to the media and public scrutiny? Perhaps, she’s a bit of a decoy, in that there are other girlfriends that Sheriff Harrison would like to keep under the radar, so to speak.


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  1. Anonymous on

    There have been hints from insiders that something was “missing” from MY at the funeral and the same insider stated that something else was done to MY during the murder besides the blows to the head. Everyone had thought that the missing item was her ring. It occurs to me that the one thing that might satisfy both mysteries would be if the killer also took the unborn baby from MY. That might also explain the amount of blood found at the scene. My theory, and I admit that it is a long shot, is that JY did the dirty deed and the reason he did it was that the child wasn’t his. Similarly, the auto accident in the spring that took the life of the other fetus was done purposedly by JY because that child, too was not his child. We know that JY was having an affair with MM and perhaps others. We do not know if MY was having an affair, too. We know that her sorority was very close. They went to weddings together, partied together, attended football games together, watched Grey’s Anatomy together, attended spas together, etc. Maybe they also were swingers and swapped spouses, too. I think these things are known by the police and they are trying to get enough evidence to prove it. I think it is also the reason why this case has become radioactive to the media and the police. Perhaps all the facts are too shocking for the police to reveal at this time until they can prove it. Captain Joe

  2. Average Jane on

    Long shot is a huge understatement, in my opinion. I think the swinger theory is absurd. Especially in the context of Michelle getting pregnant again so quickly after losing her second child. I agree that there’s a strong possibility that Jason intentionally caused that car accident. No need to malign Michelle in order to find a motive for Jason to kill her. It’s all on him. As for what was missing, I say keep it simple — a piece of jewelry. Probably something with some significance to Michelle and the Fisher family.

    I believe the post about something missing was made by a different person than posted about other things being done to Michelle.

    As for the rest of your theory, there hasn’t been a whisper of anything such as that. And it’s just too macabre for me to want to get into. Let’s leave that to other forums. Thanks.

  3. Taximom on

    May I just say that if a fetus had been removed, THAT would be the news-not the murder of the mom. I highly doubt that would have been kept close to the vest.

    Anyway, I think the reason the affair was publicized was to let JY they are on to him, and someone is cooperating. Sort of slow torture. IMHO anyway.

    I wonder if JY thought Michelle’s body would have been discovered early in the a.m., say, like during his meeting. Once the meeting was over, he didn’t want to return home so maybe he called his parents and said “Hey, mind if I stop by?”

    Like we’ve all said before, the planning of this visit to his parent’s will be key. I hope his parents don’t lie to cover his butt if they know something we don’t.

  4. Taximom on

    2nd paragraph should read “let JY know they are on to him”


  5. Average Jane on

    I got your meaning, T-mom.

    After thinking on this some more last night and receiving some input from an astute poster at the CourtTV forum, I’ve changed my mind about the “What was missing?” thing. I hope to write an entry about it soon. Busy day ahead though.

    Don’t get your hopes up, Captain Joe. I’m not anywhere close to your theory on the matter. You and I agree on some things but not on this one.

    Catch y’all later!

  6. Anonymous on

    Jeez Jane, I’ll admit my theory is a long shot. I just thought that what we know about the case leads one to such a deduction if the last leg of the triangle is there. We know (quite sure) that JY was unfaithfull with a sorority sister. We’re quite sure that JY did the murder. The only great mystery, I believe, is why. Yeah, it’s cheaper than divorce. I just don’t think that it is without great risk for him to do this for that reason. I think his brutal act was a rage response for a perceived hurt to him. I think that he truely loved Cassidy because she was his child. We don’t know what went on in their bedroom or the relations they had. We are giving them the benefit of doubt and saying their relationship was normal. But we some of the facts, that he was not faithfull to her. Perhaps this has been going on for a long time and she knew it. One response would be to do the same to him. And it goes downhill from there. Captain Joe

  7. Average Jane on

    Joe, have you looked at the math? She conceived this child two weeks after losing the previous one, in all likelihood due to that car accident. Sorry, but I don’t buy that any normal woman would have sex outside her marriage in that situation. I know you’re a man, Joe, but surely, at some point in your life, you’ve known a woman who has lost an unborn child. I don’t see things happening the way you suggest.

    I haven’t ruled out a rage killing, but I think things are pointing more towards premeditated and planned weeks in advance. Besides, major resentment can build up to all out rage.

  8. Average Jane on

    One more thing: A man who loves his 2½ year old daughter would not leave her alone in a house with her slaughtered mother. If he did that, he put his own needs ahead of Cassidy’s. That’s not love.

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