Editing Note

The post entitled “What Next?!” has been removed from this blog. I consider the allegation on which it was originally based to be completely false. Although I declared it untrue in an update, it seems much more fair to do away with the entry completely and eliminate the potential for perpetuating false stories.


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  1. Taximom on

    AJ, you are one class act.

  2. Average Jane on

    I don’t know about that, Taximom, but I know how it goes with rumors. Even if you preface a rumor with an “It’s not true” statement, some people with run with it anyway. Thanks though. And I can say the same about you.

  3. Taximom on

    Aw, thanks! lol You made me smile as I finish conquering Mount Washmore. **sigh**

    Off to check out your timeline…….

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