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Police have accounted for more of Melinda Duckett’s whereabouts during the period of time after she left her grandparent’s home. Credit card records indicate that she bought gas at a BP station in south Leesburg at 5:25 pm on Saturday, August 26. Placing her at that location causes investigators to reconsider the notion that Melinda went to the Ocala National Forest, which is north of Leesburg.

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Rather than updating the existing timeline entry, I will add the latest to it and repost it as a new entry when I find the time to do so. If you come across any new articles, please post the url in the comment section of this entry. Thanks.


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  1. Taximom on

    IF LE can figure out when she purchased gas/how much/etc, match it up w/cell phone records-maybe they can zero in on some type of radius for her whereabouts during that critical period.

    I watch waaaay too much CSI.

  2. Average Jane on

    I wouldn’t say that, Taximom. I’m interested in knowing how much gas she purchased, too. I’m also curious about when exactly she got this formerly unknown credit card.

    Re the cell phone records, I get the feeling they’ve exhausted all leads there. I suspect Melinda turned her phone off the evening of August 25 (as she posted in a MySpace comment) and didn’t turn it on again until she made that 12:08 phone call on August 27.

    Thanks for your input, Taximom!

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