Drive-by FYI

There are two cases that I’m currently keeping an eye on:

  • Debbie Hawk

    The missing, and presumed murdered, mother of three in Hanford, California. She vanished from her home and was reported missing when her children returned on June 13 from a visit with their father and found blood and evidence of a struggle in the home. The police are really putting the pressure on her ex-husband, and for good reason, in my opinion. I swear, some of the things this guy has said are almost direct quotes from Scott Peterson and his parents. In addition, Debbie’s attorney was shot recently, and suspicion in that case also turned to the Dave Hawk.

  • Sarah Anne Walker

    The McKinney, Texas, real estate agent who was stabbed to death in a model home she was “baby-sitting” on July 8th. I’ve got my eye on the ex in this case, as well. Randy Tate appeared on Greta Van Susteren’s show recently and set off all kinds of alarms for me with statements he made regarding their relationship and his last interaction with Sarah. (Click this LINK for Part 2 of the interview.)

I’d like to write entries about both of these cases, but I simply don’t have the time right now. Perhaps, soon. In the meantime, clicking on the names will take you to Google searches for news articles on the murder of each woman.

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