Stan Tribble is Stupid

Tracy Tribble was murdered, and Stan Tribble is a stupid, lying murderer. I can say that because it’s only my opinion, of course, and this is my blog, which was specifically created as a place to write down my thoughts and opinions. The Council Bluffs police can’t say it yet, but they will. It’s only a matter of time. And that, too, is just my opinion, but you’ll soon see that it’s true. They’ve already stated that he is their only “person of interest” in the case. They’re waiting on the complete autopsy results before they classify her death. Expect an arrest to be made simultaneously.

Police have executed two search warrants on the Tribble home and vehicles — one on May 11 and another on May 22.

The search warrant also states that police confiscated several pieces of bedding from Stan Tribble’s home, including a waterbed liner that was in the trash and an SUV.

Prior to the first warrant, Stupid Stan was allowing the investigators access to the home and freely answering their questions. Then he hired a lawyer who put a stop to it.

Tracy (Gostomski) Tribble disappeared from her Council Bluffs, Iowa home earlier this month. She was reported missing by her husband Stan on May 3. He claims to have last seen her at 6:30 that morning before leaving for work. When he returned home at about 5:30 pm, Tracy was gone. Her vehicle was in the driveway. Her cell phone and wedding ring were on the counter. Her dog was found wandering in a nearby cemetary without his collar. Friends have reported, and Stan admits, that the couple fought the night before Tracy disappeared. Stan claims that it was merely a verbal altercation, but it’s known that he has physically assaulted Tracy in the past. He currently is facing charges for one prior incident, wherein Tracy called police but then refused to press charges.

Stan claims that his wife mentioned suicide during their argument. [Uh-huh.]

Although Stan claims to have seen Tracy on May 3, police released a description of the clothing she wore on May 2.

Tracy’s body was found in the Missouri River on Friday, May 19. There were obvious injuries. The left side of her face was fractured, and several teeth were knocked out. Blunt force trauma — translated to mean a violent blow from Stan’s fist or some object which he wielded against his wife.

Does Stan expect us to believe that she did that to herself? Her friends certainly don’t.

See what I mean? Stan Tribble is a stupid, lying murderer. No, wait. Make that a stupid, lying, wife-beating murderer.

Considering that Stan is a lying, wife-beating murderer, I’m glad that he’s stupid, too. Actually, I’m not sure one could be a lying, wife-beating murderer without being stupid in the first place. Whatever the case, Tracy was murdered, Stan is stupid, and the Council Bluffs police are not.

Stupid Stan is going down.

Update: 1:15 pm

The Daily Nonpareil has published a few more details from the search warrant:

  • Both the dog and the cat were missing from the Tribble residence.
  • There were two messages on the answering machine: one from the animal shelter informing the Tribbles that their dog had been found, another from Tracy’s friend, whom she was supposed to have picked up that morning.
  • Among the items detectives were looking for in the search were Tracy’s hair, fake fingernails, and teeth.

Officers were also looking for any indication of a struggle in the residence or the vehicles resulting in DNA left behind. Several items were taken from the home during the search, including pillowcases, bedding, a waterbed bladder and lining and one of the vehicles.

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