A Tangled Web, Part II

Neil Entwistle was arraigned this morning for the murders of his wife, Rachel, and infant daughter, Lillian Rose. Elliot Weinstein entered a plea of not guilty on his client’s behalf. Meanwhile, the Boston Herald has more of the gossamer strands of Entwistle’s tangled web detailed in recently released court documents.

Yesterday, in new court documents released, it was revealed that Entwistle told a different story to friends than he told authorities. He had told authorities he found his wife and baby dead, went to his in-laws’ home in Carver, could not get in, and then flew to England.

‘‘The defendant said to his friends that he had indeed been able to locate his mother-in-law’s place of business, told her of his discovery of the bodies, and then gathered with family back in Carver to mourn the news,” according to the Statement of the Case filed by Assistant District Attorney Michael Fabbri.

‘‘He also told his friends that once back at the Carver home, he began to feel left out,” the document said. ‘‘It was only then that he decided to return to his own family in England, going straight home after arriving in London on January 21, 2006.”

But according to court records, Entwistle did not go straight home to his parents’ Worksop home. Instead, he rented a vehicle, spent a night in a hotel located about an hour away from his parents’ home, and drove almost 800 miles around England before going to his parents’ home on Jan. 23.

This guy lived in a world of his own invention. Did he really expect others to join him there? I wonder if jail has been a rude awakening or if he’s still enveloping himself in fantasy.

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