By The Way…

My copy of “For Laci” arrived yesterday…FINALLY! I read half of it before it dawned on me that it might have been a good idea to take a few notes. I was just too absorbed to bother with it. A few things have piqued my interest. Hopefully, I won’t forget what they are before I finish the book and get a chance to write about them.

It’s poignant and heartbreaking…even funny in places. Sharon accomplished what she set out to do — introduce the world to Laci (the real Laci, not the exploited and fictionalized victim created by the media) and illustrate what a terrible loss she (and everyone else) suffered when her beautiful, exuberant daughter and grandson were murdered because of one man’s selfish desires and cowardice. As Laci’s mother, Sharon provides what no other person has the capacity to even attempt. She gives a riveting and illuminating account of her bewilderment, panic, shocking realization, despair, anguish, grief, outrage, and determination in her journey to attain justice for Laci. I’m so glad she wrote this book. Thank you, Sharon.

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